Walking through Vineyards

So, yesterday Paul and I started out eary to walk to Vienna from the middle of the town of Klosterneuburg. All together, we walked about 18 km that day! (it took us four hours to get there). The mountainous hill seemed to go up and up and up. Going down on the other side wasn’t easy either. Too bad it’s not snowing yet, we probably could have sled down quickly.  We found a field filled with flowers, and a sign that said how much they cost.  Picking the flowers was on the honor system.  I find it amazing how everything is on the honor system here. Somewhere in the middle, we took a shortcut through the forest and found St. Josefskirche (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Josefskirche_%28Kahlenberg%29).  Then, we wound up walking through vineyards until we entered the city.  Of course, we sampled some of the grapes.  Link to our walk

When we got into Vienna, we went to Naschmarkt, but didn’t find the produce section.  We’ll have to go back.  We did both buy new jackets though. I also got a German wind-up alarm clock.  It was very much like a flee market (or Rice’s market), but way more chaotic.  Most of the vendors look like they dumped out their own closets onto the floor.  There was no organization.  Last night, I realized that it was a holiday and I had not gone grocery shopping.  That was an unpleseant suprise.  I went to another Heuriger for dinner where I had Knodel, lamm & bread. The bread was almost like a pretzel … delicious!  After dinner, I went into Klosterneuburg church.  Inside, everything is decorated in gold.  It is very ornate.  I also found a tourist info center, where I learned that there is a 24 hour supermarket at the end of the trainline.

Today, I decided to go to the Klosterneuburg church.  Although I understood nothing, and need to figure out what Austrians say during the sign of peace, I was able to follow along somewhat in the booklet of hymns.  Then, I went to the 24 hour Billa that I learned about yesterday.  I got on a train, and it took me one station up and then returned to the station that I got onto the train.  When I started going in the wrong direction, I was quite startled.  So, I tried again on the next train (30 min later), got off and switched trains.  I thought all trains went to the end of the line, but that does not seem to be the case … at least on Sundays.  This Billa was packed.  It was worse than stores at home on a Sunday afternoon.  When I got back, I went for a jog to explore the immediate area a little more.  I found what looks to be a place to eat nearby, but could have just been a benefit for firefighters.  I also found a little stand that sold eggs and squash… again on the honor system.  When I ran up the hill, I could see the farms and forests on the surrounding hills.  It was truely beautiful.

I did take some pictures yesterday, but not on my digital camera.   I need to find a place to develop the film.  Hopefully they’ll have an option to get a photo CD so I can share.


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