Mountain House

Along with Dmitriy and Jen visiting this week, Bei has arrived and Jeff was here for a few days.  Herbert decided to bring us to Graz Friday into Saturday.  We stopped at his mother’s house where we had a delicious home cooked meal.  Afterwards, we picked some blackberries and raspberries, and Bei ran through the cornfield.

Then, he took us to the mountain house, about one hour from his mother’s house.  Half of us stayed in a cute little inn, and the other half in the cabin.   After we checked in at the inn, all of us went up to the cabin.  Within minutes of arriving, the hunters stopped by to say hello.  They invited us in for a drink.  They didn’t speak english that well, but we were able to have a few laughs with them.  Then, they brought us to the top of the mountain.  We were a little scared that they were just going to use us as target practice, but there was a small bar at the top where we had some Gosser and a LARGE plate of ham, bread, and horseraddish … fresh horseraddish!  This snack came out on a large cutting board that was four feet long (ok, maybe only three).  The top of the mountain also had a spectacular view!

When we returned to the cabin, we had to turn on the lights.  I was watching Herbert struggle with the one (it was a gas lamp .. no electricity in the cabin).  And all of a sudden, there is light from the other side of the room.  Chao had somehow set the lamp on fire .. and not the right part of the lamp either.  Then, Chao realizes that something is wrong and says “I think it’s not turned up all the way”, to which Herbert responded “No, I think it is turned all the way up.”

On Saturday, those of us who stayed at the inn had breakfast there, and then joined the rest up at the cabin.  Since they were hungry, they went down to get some food, and Bei, Paul, Chao, and I went to pick some mushrooms.  We climed up a mountain picking what we thought were good mushrooms, but when we found our hunter friends, they told us that most of them were posinous.  Whoops.  Then, we went fishing int he fish pond … without a fishing pole.  We tried using a bucket to catch them and a rake to spear them.  When that wasn’t working, I got into the pond to try the luck with my hands.  I wasn’t quick enough for that.  And, you should have seen Herbert’s face when he came up to the pond and saw me int he middle.  It was priceless.

I should have some amusing pictures up shortly.  As soon as I find a cord to connect my camera to my computer.

Let me know what you think!

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