Finally, an Update!

I have photos on my computer (which is now in my apartment).  I just need to remember to bring it up here so they can upload online.

Darrell’s visit was very fun.  He arrived on Friday (25 September) late at night.  We hung out in my apartment that evening.  Then, woke up early fur a full day of sightseeing in Vienna.  Bei and Karine joined us for this excursion.  Of course, we saw St. Stefan’s church, Hunderwasserhaus, and ate lunch at the Naschmarkt.  We even saw a few things that I haven’t seen prior to his visit: the nail stubbed stump on Stefansplatz, and these large intimidating concrete buildings built during WWII.  The walls are three meters thick!  It is a little eerie being around them.  Bei and I had two different books, mine a couple of years old.  (I had to draw in parts of the UBahn system that I didn’t know existed before).  So, we were trying to go to this one building that was said to have no particular architectural appeal … but it was in both of our books, and near where we were.  So, we decided to go there.  I navigated us there, but Bei was saying the whole way that I was going to the wrong direction.  When we arrived, she refused to believe that the plain concrete building was what we were supposed to arrive at (the building is currently one of the embassys).  So, still in disbelief, she walked us around the block only to come to the conclusions “this isn’t right”.

When our day was over (around the time Paul and Amit called saying that they were starving), we headed back to Klosterneuburg to meet them at a Heurigen for dinner.  This bus ride must have been the funniest part of the day.  Bei was intently trying to figure out a puzzle that I bought for Dave.  And while she was doing this, a crazy gypsie woman started to talk to her saying “All of the men in China are waiting for you” and “You are the princess of the streets of China” and “Do you want a lolli?”  Meanwhile, Bei was telling me “you know, giving this to Dave is going to put a dent in your relationship”

On Sunday, Darrel found a fire station and we took our pictures with one of the firefighters!  (The other firefighter was making fun of him).  Then, we ate lunch at a Biergarten, where I made Darrell have wiener schnitzel and sturm.  Then, Darrell had to leave to head to Rome and I went to my first lacrosse practice.

I’ve got to go now.  Something about doing my work.  I’m glad Darrell came to visit, it was very fun!  And, I can’t wait for my next visitors: the Sorokas!!!


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