Just last weekend, I was thinking how pretty Austria is in the fall.  We were driving to München for the lacrosse tournament, and the leaves on the trees were a spectacular sight: the edges were gold, but the rest of the leaf was a bright green.  At points,, it was raining.  But, when it wasn’t raining, there was just enough fog to make the landscape look like a painted picture.  The weather last week was amazing too: 25 celcius!  When I heard that it would snow this week, I didn’t quite believe it..  But, the temperature dropped suddenly yesterday.  During lacrosse practice, I kept on my hat, gloves, and jacket!  Last night, I could barely sleep from the howling winds outside (and the plastic covering the windows flapping in the wind).   I looked out the window, but saw nothing in the pitch black abyss.  When I woke up this morning, there were flurries outside.  Now, it is actually snowing, although it is not accumulating since the ground is wet.


One Response to “Snow”

  1. Laura Says:

    Our temps here dropped suddenly yesterday also!! To about 50 degrees, same today :(. Tomorrow warmer though, at 67

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