defending the goal

defending the goal

Yesterday afternoon was our last intra-ISTA soccer game.  The weather is getting too cold, and it is getting dark too early (around 6:30).  Here are a couple of pictures from our game.  Pictures were taken as we played yesterday so they can be used to convince potential students how much fun we have here.

On Saturday, we had another lacrosse game.  Karine played with us.  It was her 2nd day playing lacrosse … and she played in the game!  She is learning quickly.  It was a friendly match against Gottingham, Germany.  The girls drove down on Friday night (about 11 hours), and Saturday morning we had a joint practice.  It was fun to get to know them.  They were all very nice, and excited to be playing with us.  I was a ref for the Gottingham-Monarchs game, and then the men’s teams played.  Then, we played our game.  As usual, our team played excellently (in the second half).  But, we lost the game.  However, it was fun, and it was a good game.

Sunday afternoon, we left for Soboth (just south of Gratz), where Walter (prof from TU) has a house.  We stayed “in town” which consisted of 2 gahsthouses and a church.  When we arrived in Soboth, a fine dusting of snow had just passed.  So, the entire town appeared sugar-coated.  During this workshop, I got a better idea about how they use the Pyramids.  Herbert, Amit and Paul gave a series of related talks leading up to their current research on Well groups.  A couple other talks by TU students were also given.  The food was really good (with lunch being much larger than dinner of course), and we learned all about the Schilcher wine, a wine exclusively made in Steiermark.  It is a rose wine.  We tried three different ones, each one distinct in color, aroma, and taste.  We also took a walk to Carinthia!

kicking the ball

kicking the ball


2 Responses to “Soccer”

  1. Laura Says:

    Go b-chick!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    Also, I miss you !!! xoxo 🙂 Can’t wait til you’re back

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