Bank of America

Dear Bank of America Customer Service,

Today I closed my Checking account which was just opened in August.  You see, I opened the account because I was under the impression that there would be no surcharges for some banks in Europe.  Now I realize what this means that you will charge me if I don’t use the banks that you want me to use.   I would not close the account for this reason alone, so I will explain to you all of the reasons here.

In addition, I am earning no interest on my $321.11 that is sitting in the account.  I know that the interest would not amount to much, but it is money that I would be accumulating if my money were invested elsewhere.

I called around to find the best exchange rate from USD to Euros.  Bank of America gave me the best quote, so I ordered some Euros through the local branch.  However, when I came to pick the money up … I was slapped with a fee that I was not told about before!  How rude!

Bank of America's graph of phone options

Bank of America's graph of phone options

Finally, I would like to speak about your customer service.  When I walk into a bank, the lines are out the door.  When I call, I have to spend 30 minutes with an automated system before I can speak to a person.  I had to call six times just to find the euro exchange rate.  If my request is not to get the balance of my account, then there is no easy way to find the shortest path to an operator who can help me.  Perhaps just typing 0 works, but that option is not always valid on your system.  I have never been so frustrated with an automated system as I am with Bank of America’s pone system.  I have drawn the graph of the options that appear on the phone, and it is by no means a balanced graph.  Common sense should tell you that a person doesn’t want to choose more than three options before speaking to a person, if they are patient enough to make those three choices.  Let’s not even talk about the loops that someone can get caught in if they choose what sounds like the right choice, but is actually the wrong choice.

I will take my $321.11 elsewhere.    I hope you are satisfied.



No longer your customer.


2 Responses to “Bank of America”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    Haha! That graph is a RIOT, Brit! 🙂

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