Cafe Dreschler

Our group is going out to dinner at Heurigen Redinger at 7p.m.  (45 min from now).  I’m hungry, so I can’t do any more work now; instead, I’ll post an update.

Yesterday I had lunch at Cafe Drechsler.  Amit told me that he had their Wiener Schnitzel, and it was the best one he had eaten.  So, I had totry it out.  And, I agree.  They have the best Wiener Schnitzel.  It was nice and tender, not tough like a lot of the places.  And, it was made from veal (instead of chicken or pork).

I was telling PK today about the paper (Sur la courbure totale d’une courbe gauche faisant un nœud) that I just finished translating.  I was looking up something and was being referred to a paper or two by Fary (a hungarian mathematician, wrote in french around the 1940s).  So, wikipedia gave me a link to the paper, and I was searching for the original phrasing of the theorem.  I wanted to know exactly what was proven.  So, I decided to translate the paper because it was impossible to “patch translate” (just translate in my head the places where I think the theorem appeared).  As I am translating, I am not seeing how this connects to what I wanted to find, although it was all related.  A couple days later, I realized that I was translating the wrong paper by Fary! Lesson learned: look before you translate.  But, I decided to complete the job since I had done so much work on translating it.  So, if you happen to want a translation of that paper, just ask me for it.  I might even put it on my website (I think it is no longer copyrighted, so I can do that … at least according to Srinivas).


3 Responses to “Cafe Dreschler”

  1. Srinivas Krishnan Says:

    I did not say that !!! I said the french might have more liberal copyright laws, if it was not renewed.

  2. bfasy Says:

    close enough.

  3. Terese Fasy Says:

    ha – looks like a disclaimer by Srinivas!

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