the Supermarket

There are two things that I forgot to mention in the last post regarding the Opera:       (1) Hero and I made fun of Bei asking if there would be subtitles at the LIVE performance of the opera … but, there were subtitles!  Even in the standing room, we had our own little screens with the words in German or in English.  Although, I found it easier just to look on the screens of the old ladies sitting in front of me.  Those screens were in German, but I got the jist.     (2) When we lined up for Stehplatz (standing room tix), we lined up in the order in which we came, which also wound up being in age order.   There were the gray haired people in front of us, and the teenagers behind us.   Needless to say, we were quite far in front of the line (#14, 15 out of a couple hundred).

So, now I continue from where I left off.  Dave is supposed to start writing his dissertation.  I have commanded that he begin by writing for one hour a day. He did a little bargaining, and I have allowed for up to 45 minutes of that time to be reading papers for the survey of existing work that will create his introduction.  He has yet to do his hour of writing from four days ago … perhaps I need to be a bit more firm when I make rules, like send him to bed without dinner or something.  Although, I don’t want this to come back and hurt me when I finally get to the writing stage …

Today I had lacrosse practice. I asked Dave if he wanted to join, but he said that he wanted to make me dinner instead. I did not object.  To his grocery list, I added a few things so we can make cookies tonight.  I sent him to the grocery store as I went off to the U-bahn to go to practice.  Aparantly, I forgot to properly prepare him for the grocery store experience.  He arrived at Billa 20 minutes before they were closing with a grocery list written in english.  The german-speaking cashier did not appreciate this.  There was a nice english speaking man who happened to be shopping at the same time as Dave.  The nice man took pity on Dave and helped him collect his groceries: vanilla extract, three oranges, eggs, beer, chicken, mango juice, and rum.  They seemed to succeed in all categories except for vanilla extract.  Dave brought back vanilla sugar instead, but I think it will work for cookies.  I could only imagine the faces that the nice man was making as Dave was collecting the ecclectic assortment of groceries.  At one point, the man asked Dave if he spoke any german, and Dave’s reply was “nope.”  For a guy shopping in a residential non-touristy supermarket in Vienna for vanilla extract, this came as a suprise.  So, the man as asked Dave why he was there, and Dave said “to visit my girlfriend.”  The natural question then was “so, how did you two meet?” I guess he thought I was a REAL local, with citizenship or something.  haha.  Anyway, Dave got up to the counter to greet the not-so-happy casheir.  As usual, he probably had a huge smile on his chirpy face and nodded excitedly whenever the woman spoke German to him.  He was hoping for her to finally say some numbers that indicated the amount of money he was to fork over.  But, instead she stormed off to the produce section since Dave had forgotten to weigh the oranges that he picked up.  whoops!

6 Responses to “the Supermarket”

  1. pk Says:

    That’s a pretty funny image…Dave nodding excitedly when the cashier asked him to go back and weigh his oranges! I guess the bilingual guy was not around by then…

  2. Srinivas Krishnan Says:

    That to date is the best update. Dave !!!!!!!!!

  3. Terese Fasy Says:

    This is a RIOT! I can just picture Dave saying “nope”! So glad he bumped into a nice English speaking gentleman!

    Dave – Brit owes you big time! And ROTFL at your neglect to weigh the oranges!

  4. Natalie Says:

    Awww, I love Dave! I can just picture this in my head

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