On Saturday after we returned from our ski-trip, we did a bit of grocery shopping at a local market, and then met Amit for dinner at 1516.  1516 is owned by the Victory brewing company of Pennsylvania.  Amit likes this place because they have ribs and an IPA beer on tap (although the waitors do not know what IPA means if you order an IPA).  We sat in the non-smoking room – a room that used to be a closet, that is now a private room with one table, and windows on the hallway side so the only non-smokers in Austria can be gawked at by everyone who walks past on the way to the main dining area. 

For an appetizer, we ordered what was listed in the menu as “Buffalo wings” but described as “wings with BBQ sauce.”  Seeing this inconsistency, Dave asked if they were hot and the waitress said “yes.”  So, we ordered some … even though we were still very skeptical.  And yes, they came out smothered in a sweet BBQ sauce.  What are the Austrians thinking?  I call that false advertising.

Dave, Catie and Amit ordered three slabs of ribs … each.  Amit was the only champion who finished it all .. and we asked for a box to take the leftovers home.  When we asked, the watiress said “ok”, then left and never returned.  Over an hour later, we decided it was time to go.  We were going to just leave without paying, but Dave’s guilt gave in and he put a 50 down on the table.  Then, the bartender saw we were confused, brought us the check, but said “do you need sonething?” to which I responded “yes, the check!”  He made it seem like we were imposing on him to ask him for such an unusual thing.  Needless to say, we did not leave a tip.

Summary: I will not return to 1516.


2 Responses to “1516”

  1. Laura Says:

    I always thought that the US was the only country that does tipping. I.e. anywhere else in the world- don’t tip! Am I wrong?

  2. bfasy Says:

    yes, tipping in Austria is 10% at restaurants. Although less is ok, at least some tip is now expected.

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