Catie’s Arrival

The day after Dave made me a delicious meal, we were prepared for Catie’s arrival.  We woke up early so we could stop at Naschmarkt before picking her up at the CAT station at 9:30.  When Dave was doing his morning business in the bathroom, I checked my email and found out that instead of arriving that morning, Catie would be coming the next Day at 12 noon.  Her flight out of Durham was delayed by 3 hours, and so she missed her connection in Dulles that would have brought her to Vienna.  Thus, she was being re-routed through London the next day.

We took our time getting ready, made cookies, then I brought Dave into IST Austria.  Dave gave his talk that day.  We used the cookies and the beer to bribe people to come to it.  Nevertheless, only Amit, Chao, and I were at the talk.  (What did we expect 2 days before Christmas eve?)  Dave gave a very good presentation, and afterwards we had a coffee break.  We did a little work, then headed home for the day.  That night we met my friend Kati from lacrosse and went to dinner with her at an Italian restaurant on Margaretenstrasse.

The next day, we once again prepared for Catie’s arrival.  We went to the Nashmarket and a couple of stores in the morning.  We also stopped by the train station to pick up a schedule of trains going to Bad Hofgastein.  We had planned on leaving for our ski trip on that day.  Catie’s late arrival from the USA complicated matters, but was not going to interfere with our ski trip.  Then, we headed to the CAT station to meet up with Catie.  She was not on the train that we thought she would be on.  We sat for a little longer before I checked the board to see that her flight was two hours delayed.  So, Dave and I brought our shopping bags home and came back two hours later.  Again, she was not on the train I thought she would be on.  I checked the flight to make sure her plane had arrived when I thought it did.  Thinking that Catie probably had a stressful trip, we went to the store to buy some beer to kill time.  We also went to the S-bahn station to check the trainschedules again since we already missed the ones we thought that we could make.  Then, we waited for the next train … and she was not on it again.  This time, I was a little concerned.  So, I walked over to the Austrian Airlines counter to check if she was on the plane.  The lady behind the counter would tell me nothing, but gave me the Airports number.  So, I called the airport and began explaining that “My friend, who doesn’t speak german, might be lost in the airport.  She came in a couple of hours ago on an Austrian Airli-“ I was cut off as the lady quickly transferred me to Austrian Airlines.  I was a little annoyed, because the other Austrian Airlines rep would not tell me where Catie was.  But, try once again I did.  This time, the AA rep was able to confirm for me that Catie was on the plane.  Then, I ask her if she knows if her luggage was lost or anything, and the AA rep did not know.  So, the only thing we could do was wait.  It was after 4:00 at this point, and Amit was sitting at his apartment drinking wiskey waiting for us to call saying we have Catie and can head to the Westbahnhof.  To our relief, Catie was on the train that arrived at 4:25, but without her luggage.  We gave her a beer to calm her down, brought her back to my house to pick up some extra ski layers (since all of her ski gear was in the lost baggage), and headed to the Westbahnhof.  We made it to the 5:20 train, with less than 10 minutes to spare!


One Response to “Catie’s Arrival”

  1. Laura Says:

    !!! That sounds so stressful! Catie great job getting there!!

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