Ski Trip in Bad Hofgastein

We arrived at Bad Hofgastein with directions to “walk straight out of the train station for 100 meters, then we are the yellow house on the left with a nice garden.”  We had no address, just directions to “walk straight.”  Catie measured the 100 meters for us, but at 80 meters, we realized which house it was as there were some people standing on the porch looking fo r us.  The apartment  was very nice.  We used two of the three bedrooms in the apartment, and had a living room and kitchen.  In the mornings, we were served an Austrian breakfast of meat, bread and “fruehstruck ei” or “breakfast egg” which is a softboiled egg.  Even though I don’t eat soft boiled eggs, I showed Dave how to eat his egg by tapping on the top until it cracks.  At Grandpa Walter’s retreat, I mistakenly thought an egg was hardboiled, and rolled it on the table like you would for a hard boiled egg.  I made a mess.

On Christmas eve and Christmas day, we were skiing.  Christmas eve, the conditions were ok.   We liked to go up two chairlifts, then take a nice long trail (5k?) down and do it again.  Unfortunatly, not all of the lifts and slopes were open.  At one point we decided to ski over to Bad Gastein and explore that mountain (yes, another town).  That turned out to be a mistake, as we took a lift up only to discover all slopes except a black (difficult) one were open.  We had been doing green (easy) and red (intermediate) slopes all day.  So, we did the black slope as we had no other option.  As usual, I was  a slower then everyone else.  So, no one saw when anohter skiier jumped over me.  That nearly gave me a heart attack.  I was afraid of every skiier who came near me after that … and that particular slope was very crowded.  So, it took me a very long time to come to the bottom.  At the bottom, we had to take a cross country trail back to the lift.  This was not so fun for me, without poles, and Amit, who was on a snowboard.  When we got to the lift, we realized we had two options: (1) take this lift up and do the same (short) slope over and over again or (2) take a bus back to the town we started in.  We decided to go for option (2).  We did a couple of more runs, then headed home for the day.

That night, we had Christmas eve dinner at Maier, a restaurant and penison next door to our apartment.  As it was Christmas eve, the only thing we were allowed to do was order fish.  And so, we ordered fish.  The first course was a frittaten souppe, and the second an Austrian version of a salat.  Then, came the fish.  It was a whole fish with a couple of boiled potatoes.  Dave looked at me and said, “But, my mommy always does this for me.”  I think he was expecting me to excavate the meat from the fish for him.  I told him that he can figure it out, and so he started digging (literally) into the belly of the fish.   Then, I explained to him how to remove the fish scales by lifting them up then lightly pull the fish from the bones.  After that, he did a very good job eating the fish (although his fish did have signifigantly less bones at the end then anyone else’s fish).  After the meal, we get dessert.  I got schnaps, Amit got three large scoops of ice cream, and Dave and Catie got coffee.

The next morning, the conditions were not so great.  At the bottom of the long runs, the trails were very slushy, and even rocky and dirty at times.  After lunch, we watched a storm cloud move across  the mountain across the valley.  The next chairlift we were on, that cloud hit us, pelting us with freezing rain.  At the top of the lift, we decided that we were going to take a break.  So, we skiied half way down until we found a restaurant, and we got some hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.  When we came back out, the pelting rain had turned to fluffly snow.  I gave Catie my ski mask since she was not properly equipped for this weather.  When we reached the bottom of the slope, Catie decided to head back to return her heavy skis (they were not so helpful in the fresh snow, but worked great the day before).  Dave, Amit and I went for one more run.  At some point, I fell over a heap of fresh snow, face forward.  My ski came out, and I had to put it back on in the deep and steep slope.  Dave watched from the bottom, as I struggeld for almost ten minutes to get my ski back on.  Dave called up about 3 minutes into it “Brit? Are you ok?”  When I told him I was, I think he was just enjoying the comedy of me trying to get the ski back on.  When we reached the bottom, I was still worn out from trying to get the ski back on, but Dave and Amit were ready for another run.  I told them I would sit it out.  Excited to go back out, they told me to wait right there and play with the dog who happened to be there.  Well, ten minutes after they left, I realized it was ridiculous for Catie and I both to be waiting at different Bars, so I skiied down to meet her, hoping that they would figure out where I went.  I met Catie for a drink, and about 30-40 minutes later, the boys joined us.  We ate dinner that night at the same restaurant as the previous night.  This time, however, we  were allowed to order something besides the fish!


One Response to “Ski Trip in Bad Hofgastein”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    Too funny about the skier who jumped over you! These blogs are such great reads, Brit!


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