Happy New Year!

I have a backlog of entries, but this one just could not wait:

The story begins with Dave shirtless and his flowing long blonde hair blowing in the wind.  I am not sure where the story goes from there, because he did not tell me more than that.  But, if you want my side of the story, read on.

We began our day by moving more luggage than we could carry down four flights of stairs and across the city to IST Austria.  Then, we had a feast and headed out for the airport.  On our KLM flight, Dave and I enjoyed the complementary wine and soda, while Catie indulged in the free beer.

Then, we arrived at the “airport” Courtyard Marriot which is decievingly far away from the airport, but claims to be the only airport hotel with natural wilderness in the backyard.

The only place open for dinner was the hotel restaurant.  I ordered two appetizers for dinner (raw tuna and chicken skewers) and dave and catie had burgers.  The service was absolutely horrible!  And, the food not so good.  At one point, I ran up to our room to find it filled with smoke from our next door neightbors, and I promptly knocked on their door despite the “do not disturb” sign.  Since they did not answer, I told the front desk, and they were probably fined 200 euros.  ha to them!

After dinner, we stopped by the front desk to find out how to get into the center of Amsterdam.  Aparantly, we missed the last (8:00) train of the evening.  Since fireworks are dangerous, all public transportation was stopped from 8pm to 2am.  So, our plan was foiled.  Angry by our experience at dinner, we refused to drink at that restaurant to bring in the new year … so, we ask for a nearby bar.  And, we were told where to go.

We return to the room to get ready, then head out across the parking lot to a disco like place.  When we arrived, we were told that it was 50 euros to enter.  We then told them that they were wrong and that we were told we could come over for a drink.  A couple of phone calls later, we entered the party for only ten euros.

When we got inside the party, we noticed some interesting people.  For example, there was a girl wearing only half a shirt (the front half … although half of her boob was falling out).  There were a group of girls dressed all in black, one of them wearing short shorts, another in an aladin pair of pants, and yet anopther wearing a corset.  Some people came dressed  as though it were a black tie affair, and some others thought that they were going to the prom.

About twenty to midnight, Dave goes to get another round of drinks.  Ten minutes later, I am concerned and go to find him surrounded by girls at the bar.  After he emerges from the crowd, he tells me that all of the girls were asking him to buy them drinks.  But, when the drinks emerge, we have 10 seconds to get to Catie, I grab Dave’s hand and pull him through the crowd.  We may have knocked a couple of people over, and we definatly  spilled more than one drink.  But, we made it to Catie only a couple of seconds late and gave her a huge hug.

After midnight, we danced for a little bit.  Once again, Dave went to get another round of drinks.  Once again, Dave was taking longer than expected at the bar.  So, Catie and I go over to supervise.  We see him in front of the bar, and about to order a drink.  We dance a little and keep a half an eye on him.  Then, we see Dave and a stout local in a fight!  A bar fight is breaking out in front of us, and Dave is in the middle of it!!  Knowing that something is wrong, I do not think and jump in between the two of them.  (Catie says that she has never seen me run so fast … and she is usually my defender if I am on offense in Lacrosse).  I look angrily at the man who was trying to hurt Dave and say “what is wrong with you?”  And he spits a HUGE wad of saliva into my face.  It was a coating from forehead to chin, cheek to cheek.  I burst into tears.  I would have been less hurt if he had punched me.  Really?  Who spits in someone’s face?  After a huge commotion, some men in suites take the spitting guy away.  Then, they come back and ask me to follow.  Dave and Catie follow me to the front of the bar.  During this walk, Dave tells me that he was trying to pull the guy away from a girl that he just punched in the face.  So, not only did he spit in my face, he punched another girl in the face!  We tell  our stories to the men in suites, and the guy who spit in my face tried to apologize to me, although I refused to shake his hand because I do not accept insincere apologies.  A better apology would have been not to do it in the first place.  And, he was let back into the bar!  That was pretty shocking for me, but the men in suites assured me that “he will be watched very closely from now on.”

Catie and i went to the bathroom, where we used the toilettes and then washed my face.  Then, we returned to have a drink with Dave and a very tall man.


3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. pk Says:

    How horrible! Some people should be kept in cages 24/7.

  2. Srinivas Krishnan Says:

    sorry Britt, that sucks !!! But what is with Dave and undergrads and bar fights…. you need to do a better job training him.

  3. Doug Says:

    Tell Millman I’m proud of him for getting a bar fight…proud and jealous.

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