Sisi Museum

Yesterday morning, we walked around the Schoenbrunn Palace gardens.  My favorite part was watching the ducks fly and land on the frozen pond.  They usually slid on the ice to land.  It was amazing.  Then,  because we wanted to see it happen again, Dave decided to chase some of the ducks.  The one he was chasing was  lazy one, so it just walked away from him in a zig-zag pattern.  He followed the duck, in the exact same zig-zag pattern, before the duck picked up and flew over to where he was before Dave interrupted his nap.

In the afternoon, we went to the Sisi Museum.  The tour included the royal silver collection and the imperial apartments too.   The silver collection was neat to see, because the centerpieces were so elaborate.  They also had such a huge collection of silverware for everyday use.  It is hard to imagine how it can all be used.  The linen was a part of this collection, and I liked seeing how elaborately the napkins were folded, with two rolls placed in the holes of the folding!

The Sisi museum tells us about the life and tragic death of Empress Elisabeth.  Then, the tour ended in the imperial apartments.  First came the apartments of Franz Joseph.   Sisi burst into tears on the day of her marriage to Franz Joseph—these were not tears of happiness.  Eventually, she became more isolated, and so the living quarters of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth were separated.  Emperor Franz Joseph had modest living quarters.  He did not even have his own bath.  A bath tub was brought into his room every day, and he was bathed by a servant.  Sisi had her own bathtub and dressing room in her apartments.  In Franz Joseph’s study, he surrounded himself with photos of Sisi and his children.  Sisi surrounded herself with photos of her parents and siblings, and a couple photos of her favorite daughter Marie-Valerie.

My favorite part of the apartment is Sisi’s exercise equipment.  There were exercise rings hanging from a doorway.  She had a 20 inch waistline, and worked hard to ensure that it would stay that way, by exercising and occasionally not eating a meal.

(As I am writing this, I am waiting for Dave and Catie to meet me at a café.  The waitress was not so happy that (1) I refused to order a drink before I had a seat, and (2) that my friends have not come to join me.  To punish me, she had an older couple join me at this table for one.  So now, the laptop is on my lap and my elbows are to the sides because my chair is wedged between a window and the table.  I am trapped.  I can’t even have something on the table.  I had to finish my tea quickly to make room for the couple.)

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