Marionetten Theatre

When we decided to see The Magic Flute (Mozart) at the Marionetten Theatre at Schoenbrunn, we did not realize that the actors would be Marionettes. We realized this only when we bought the tickets the morning of the show. But, we were very excited about the experience we were going to have that evening.

The show was at 7:00, and at 6:40 were were finishing up buying some chocolates in the first district. When we got off the subway, we had five minutes to spare, so we ran like the wind around the palace to the theatre. We arrived at the door as the clock was chiming 7. We walk up to the theatre room out of breath, and the lady gave us a smile. She told us we could check our coats around the corner. After that, I went back to the seats, but Dave and Catie went to the bathroom . As I walked in the small theatre, it appeared that someone was in our seats! I double check the numbers, then look at the row again. There were only about 12 rows, each 10 seats across, in this theatre. We were in row 6, seats 7, 8, and 9. There was only one empty seat in row 6, probably seat number 5. But, I was not sure. So, I asked the person on the end of the row what her seat number is. She said “row 6”… yes, I realize that, there is a giant 6 right next to you! (although I did not say that). Since her english was not good, and I was too flustered as the lights were going out and the door to the hallway closing, I decided just to climb through the row to the number of the free seat so I could find my seats from there. But, I look and there is no seat number on the seat! Then, the Marionette lady is up on stage and ready to do her introduction to marionettes. She says polietly for everyone to find their seats, and I get more confused and flustered as I cannot find a seat number on this one empty seat! Then, she is more direct and tells me to find my seat. So, I start going past the only empty seat (the end of the row was against a wall … so there was no way out and now no seats to sit in). Once again, she tells me to find a seat, and I say that I think someone is in my seats, and that I should have three seats in this row. Perhaps this was funny since my 2 friends were not with me … as they were now locked out in the hallway. Then, one of the ladies with curly hair who I think is in one of my seats says to me, “Perhaps those are your seats” pointing to the two free seats that are in the row in front of me, to which I respond “no.” Then, the lady in the front says “you are very late, we will get some chairs.” So, she opens the doors, grabs three chairs for Catie, Dave and me to sit in. This commotion allowed Catie and Dave to enter the theatre.

At intermission, we go to the bathroom, and Dave got a coffee. Then, we go to find our seats and there are three people sitting in them (that curly haired lady being one of them). I tell them that that they are in my seat, and they say “ok” and move the next three down. I was rather cofused, and the man tells me that there were 2 people in their seats. I said, in a theatre like this, that you can’t do that. And he says “sorry” to which I just give him a look. Dave says that when he sat down he said “I said I was sorry.” A late apology does not make up for making me look like an idiot in the theatre.

As though that commotion was not enough for an experience at the Marionetten Theatre, the rest of the guests were also very rude. One man was snoring through the performance. I missed this, but Catie didn’t. And, the entire row behind us during the second act was talking through the entire thing. I gave them several “shhh”’s and evil eye glares. Aparently they weren’t that threatened by me.
Although we could have done without the rest of the patrons at the Marionetten Theatre, we enjoyed the performance. And, at the end they let you peak backstage. It was very neat to see how small the stage is.

Let me know what you think!

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