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Hot Sauces

August 30 2010

I just tried the second hot sauce from a pack of 12 that Dave and his sister Lisa got for me.  I’ve had Chillin’ Chipotle and Cool Cayenne Pepper.  I’m working my way from most mild to most hot.  The Chipotle one was almost like a BBQ sauce with a twist.  The Cayenne one was close to a normal hot sauce, just not too spicy (ie, Hero might be able to eat it).  Of course, the name brand of these hot sauces is “Dave’s Gourmet” 🙂


My Favorite Places.

August 30 2010

Saturday, I played with the Vienna Cherokees in Graz.  We lost both games (against Vienna Monarchs and Graz Gladiators), but it was still fun to be playing with them again!

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Ostwind, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Vienna.  Since we were with Chao, they gave us the real menu.  (They also have an austrian menu with general asian dishes for those who can’t handle Szechuan cooking).  I had hot/sour noodles for an appetizer.  I love those things.  They are so hot they make you cry, unlike anything else in Austria.  We also had a fish dish, a tofu dish, boiled beef with pickled peppers, and spinach.  We were all full by the end, and I can’t wait to go back.

Last week, we went to our favorite heuriger, Heuriger Redinger. When I went up to order my food, I said “Ich moechta ” and the lady behind the counter finished “bouhfleisch und fleishknoedle?”  The last time I was there was over eight months ago!  I also went there last night, per suggestion of Darrell.  I rode my bike to Klosterneuburg and ate under a canopy of grape vines.  Last night was a quiet evening there, but very nice.

I also found out this weekend that Dave will be coming to Europe in October!  🙂  A little over a month from now, he’ll be here!  And, tomorrow I head out to Cyprus to visit Hero.  The next month is going to be very busy.


August 26 2010

Recently, I had to fill out a form, and both Herbert and I had to sign it.  I signed the date “20 Aug 2010” and Herbert signed it “August 20, 2010”.  However, the form caption for the date said “Date (mm/dd/yyyy)”.  So, I got an email:

I just noticed that in Section 1 you listed your date of birth and also the date signed in a Day/Month/Year formate.  I checked with HR and they told me it has to be in the Month/Day/Year formate as listed on the form.  Please mark a line through the dates on the form, initial and write beside them the date(s) in the Month/Day/Year formate  (for example Date of Birth 02/25/1985, Signed Date 08/20/2010).

I just thought it was ridiculous, but found it odd that she didn’t say anything about Herbert’s date.  When I asked, I got this response:

I think Herbert’s date is okay since it is in a month/day/year format.  Please make the changes to your dates.  I think it would be alright to be either in the formate of 08/20/2010 or August 20, 2010.

I think it should be either both were ok or neither were.  I used the word for the month, so there was no ambiguity as to the date that I wrote down.


August 25 2010

Yesterday, Paul, Michael and I set off to Brno, Czech Republic.  Herbert was giving a talk at 8:30 a.m., so we left at 5:30 a.m.  We went to Herbert’s talk, and to a few other talks at the conference (Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science).  One of the talks was cancelled because all of the authors was sick.  I found that humorous.

Now, the city of Brno.  It’s very cheap, that is for sure.  However, it was raining (clearly the city’s fault), and there were no traffic laws … it seemed.  It was the norm to have intersections with no stop signs and no traffic light (in fact, this was most of the intersections).  I was standing on the sidewalk reading the menu for a restaurant, when I was nearly run over by a car driving on the sidewalk.  Anything goes.  It was bizarre.  And, driving home, cars were just driving on the wrong side of the road like it was not a problem, even on curves.  Most of the time, they were attempting to aggressively pass someone, but sometimes I think they were just driving on the other side of the road.  I guess since the lines on the road were white and not yellow, that is allowed?  I don’t understand.  But, I made it back to Klosterneuburg in one piece.  That was all we wanted by the end of the day.

Thank You

August 23 2010

So, I called Geico this morning to give them my mileage so I can pay cheaper car insurance. At the end of the conversation, the lady says “thank you for serving our country.” I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just said “thank you”..

I also applied for my residence permit today. So, I think all of the moving chores are now complete.

Tomorrow, we (Michael, Paul & Paul’s +2) will go to Czech Republic to see Herbert give a talk.

I’m Back!

August 21 2010

There are two things that I learned from my travel experience:

(1) Never trust the baggage allowance.  They gave me a hard time about my ski bag at the airport.  They wanted to charge me >$400 because of its weight!  We eventually got it for free, but had to check an additional bag for $50.

(2) Don’t fly through Frankfurt.  Bei was deported from there, and I was not so happy about the creepy guy who followed me around the airport.

Now, I am living at a new apartment at IST Austria.  It’s a studio, but I have a “bed” this time, although the bed is too soft.  I need to find some wood boards to put under it.  Or, maybe I’ll just put the mattress on the floor.  The current boards bend way too much.

Last night, Michael, Michaela, Chao, and I went into Vienna to check out a new restaurant, 2010 Tel Aviv Beach.  It was right along the Danube, and had real sand from Tel Aviv.  I had fried fish and “spicy potatoes”.  I ordered the potatoes knowing they wouldn’t be spicy, but it still makes me laugh how a small amount of seasoning classifies them as spicy in Austria.  I barely tasted any flavor other than potato.  Then, we went to Strandbar Herrmann, another beach-themed bar on the Danube.   This one was at least closer to the water-level.  They had some fancy mixed and frozen drinks there.  I thought it was a neat atmosphere.  There were even shovels left in the sand so you can dig.  Michaela and I dug a hold under one of the legs of Chao’s chair, but he didn’t seem to notice when he returned to our chairs.  Maybe that made it even more entertaining.

Well, I am off now, going to a Heuriger for dinner and wine!