I’m Back!

There are two things that I learned from my travel experience:

(1) Never trust the baggage allowance.  They gave me a hard time about my ski bag at the airport.  They wanted to charge me >$400 because of its weight!  We eventually got it for free, but had to check an additional bag for $50.

(2) Don’t fly through Frankfurt.  Bei was deported from there, and I was not so happy about the creepy guy who followed me around the airport.

Now, I am living at a new apartment at IST Austria.  It’s a studio, but I have a “bed” this time, although the bed is too soft.  I need to find some wood boards to put under it.  Or, maybe I’ll just put the mattress on the floor.  The current boards bend way too much.

Last night, Michael, Michaela, Chao, and I went into Vienna to check out a new restaurant, 2010 Tel Aviv Beach.  It was right along the Danube, and had real sand from Tel Aviv.  I had fried fish and “spicy potatoes”.  I ordered the potatoes knowing they wouldn’t be spicy, but it still makes me laugh how a small amount of seasoning classifies them as spicy in Austria.  I barely tasted any flavor other than potato.  Then, we went to Strandbar Herrmann, another beach-themed bar on the Danube.   This one was at least closer to the water-level.  They had some fancy mixed and frozen drinks there.  I thought it was a neat atmosphere.  There were even shovels left in the sand so you can dig.  Michaela and I dug a hold under one of the legs of Chao’s chair, but he didn’t seem to notice when he returned to our chairs.  Maybe that made it even more entertaining.

Well, I am off now, going to a Heuriger for dinner and wine!


3 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. pk Says:

    Who is Bei?

  2. bfasy Says:

    Bei was another one of Herbert’s students. She just graduated this summer, and now she is in Salt Lake City. She was in Austria last year though.

  3. Laura Says:

    Hero would love the food in Austria!

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