Recently, I had to fill out a form, and both Herbert and I had to sign it.  I signed the date “20 Aug 2010” and Herbert signed it “August 20, 2010”.  However, the form caption for the date said “Date (mm/dd/yyyy)”.  So, I got an email:

I just noticed that in Section 1 you listed your date of birth and also the date signed in a Day/Month/Year formate.  I checked with HR and they told me it has to be in the Month/Day/Year formate as listed on the form.  Please mark a line through the dates on the form, initial and write beside them the date(s) in the Month/Day/Year formate  (for example Date of Birth 02/25/1985, Signed Date 08/20/2010).

I just thought it was ridiculous, but found it odd that she didn’t say anything about Herbert’s date.  When I asked, I got this response:

I think Herbert’s date is okay since it is in a month/day/year format.  Please make the changes to your dates.  I think it would be alright to be either in the formate of 08/20/2010 or August 20, 2010.

I think it should be either both were ok or neither were.  I used the word for the month, so there was no ambiguity as to the date that I wrote down.


One Response to “Dates”

  1. pk Says:

    You can’t fight bureaucracy! “Gegen der Dummheit kaempfen die Goetter selbst vergebens”–who?? Whoever, he was right!!!

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