My Favorite Places.

Saturday, I played with the Vienna Cherokees in Graz.  We lost both games (against Vienna Monarchs and Graz Gladiators), but it was still fun to be playing with them again!

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Ostwind, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Vienna.  Since we were with Chao, they gave us the real menu.  (They also have an austrian menu with general asian dishes for those who can’t handle Szechuan cooking).  I had hot/sour noodles for an appetizer.  I love those things.  They are so hot they make you cry, unlike anything else in Austria.  We also had a fish dish, a tofu dish, boiled beef with pickled peppers, and spinach.  We were all full by the end, and I can’t wait to go back.

Last week, we went to our favorite heuriger, Heuriger Redinger. When I went up to order my food, I said “Ich moechta ” and the lady behind the counter finished “bouhfleisch und fleishknoedle?”  The last time I was there was over eight months ago!  I also went there last night, per suggestion of Darrell.  I rode my bike to Klosterneuburg and ate under a canopy of grape vines.  Last night was a quiet evening there, but very nice.

I also found out this weekend that Dave will be coming to Europe in October!  🙂  A little over a month from now, he’ll be here!  And, tomorrow I head out to Cyprus to visit Hero.  The next month is going to be very busy.


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