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75 grams

September 18 2010

We had lacrosse practice this afternoon.  It was a really nice day, so it made me pretty happy.  Also, I acted as the “goalie coach” for Bianca.  I enjoyed it, and Bianca says it is like Christmas and Easter in the same day.  Unfortunatly, tomorrow I leave for Berlin, so I will miss the next two game-days 😦

After practice, Kate, Ahreum, and I went to Billa.  I wanted to get some “Pfeffersalami mit semmel.”  Last time, I ordered 100 grams and that was a bit much for my sandwich … although it was delicious.  Today, I ordered 75 grams.  The lady started slicing, and wasn’t showing signs of stopping.  Then she says “70 odor 20”?  I say “75 grams” (in german).  She says that is way too much, and that I should get “20 grams”.   When I realized that she was talking about .2 kg instead of 20 grams, I said ok … So, now I have more than twice the amount of salami that I wanted … all because the deli slicer doesn’t know the metric system …  So, I bought some rolls to go along with my salami.  Four rolls that taste like soft pretzels.  One had pumpkin seeds on it, another sunflower seeds, the third salt, and the last one was plain.  I had two sandwiches for dinner (well, I spread it into two dinners as not to overload on salami).  I still have salami left over.  Hopefully I’ll be craving it for breakfast!


Who Wants to be a Millionaire????

September 16 2010

Ok, so I’ve been holding back on posting this until I had all of the details.  But, one of my best friends from High School, Diana Zalewski, will be on Millionaire on 10/12 and 10/14!!!!   Everyone should watch!  She recorded last week and this week (must mean she did alright!)  I can’t wait to see this, only thing is I am in Austria without a TV … So, if you know how I can watch it, let me know.  Otherwise, I will make someone watch it while I am on skype with them. lol.


paper accepted!

September 15 2010

I just got an email that my paper was accepted to Acta Sci Math (Szeged), after not even making it to a reviewer in two other journals.

Here is the review of my paper:

The research of this paper began in this Acta by a famous result of Fáry on estimating the length of a curve by its total curvature.

Its actual result is an upper estimate of the difference of lengths of curves by their total curvatures and Fréchet distance. This upper bound is a huge improvement over a recent result of Cohen-Steiner and Edelsbrunner in the sense that it does not depend on the dimension, although it becomes better than its predecessor only for dimensions more than $6$. Surprisingly, the clear and clever proof eventually uses the original result in dimension $3$ and in fact gives a general method to eliminate the dimensions from such estimates.

Although it could be shortened, the paper is well written and the only two things I would ask for is to completely ignore the very detailed, but obvious calculation of $r(n)$ in the introduction and to give a bit more emphasis on the observation proved in the first paragraph of the subsection of “Fréchet distance in the limit”.

Be Careful What You Wish For …

September 9 2010

My flight home (to Vienna) was on Tuesday.  Since the week had been so much fun, I did not want to leave.  Well, thanks to the airline, my flight was delayed to 3:00 (originally 1:15).  So, I had a tea and Hero hung out with me at the airport, then he walks me to the security, but we decide to check on the time again first.  Well, now the flight is at 5, 10, maybe 7 or 8:00.  We left the airport, hung out a bit, called again and they said it won’t take off until 10:00.  Ok, so we go back to Hero’s house, walk around his city for a bit … I had my first Gyro in Cyprus during this delay!   It was actually the first time we got to walk around his city too.  lol.  Then, we call again and the flight is canceled.  Thanks, Blue Air, for keeping me in limbo all day.  On the phone, Hero had to ask them how to reschedule, they did not voluntarily give that information.  Anyway, my real fight home was yesterday on Austrian Airlines.  I was quite relieved, although still wishing the plane would turn around.  And, yes, we are 1 minute to landing a few hundred feet off the ground, slowing down, the wheels come out, and whoosh!  we go up in the air all of  a sudden.  The pilot abandoned the landing.  Unfortunately, they didn’t bring us back to Cyprus.   We eventually landed in Vienna.  So, I got my wish (1) more time in Vienna and (2) for the plane to turn around.

I’ll have to talk to Hero to have him help me remember the places we went and the things that happened.  You know, it’s all Greek to me …  literally!

In Cyprus!!

September 2 2010

We just got back from the waterpark. We were there all day. :). Tonight we are going out for Chinese with hero’s family and then out with some of Hero’s friends.

I arrived on Tuesday evening. The first thing I learned is that they drive on the wrong side of the road. Then we drove to the hero household, where we ate dinner. We had mix, which is a mix of things in a pita. Of course, we went out that evening. We went to appertivo to celebrate hero’s friend’s birthday.

On tuesday, I woke hero up early. He told me that he did not know that the hour of the day existed. We went for a walk in the “forest” behind his house. We made it to a lake then came back and got ready for the beach. At the beach, it was a little windy but nice and warm. We played in the water for a while then lied down on beach chairs in the sand until we got hungry for lunch around 2:00. We went to a really good seafood restaurant and I had swordfish.

Right now I am in a room with people speaking Greek and i have no clue what is going on, but I know that they were talking about me at one point because I heard America and Austria.

Ok, back to Tuesday. We came back to the house and showered. Hero’s parents went to get his uncle from the airport. He flew in from Athens. While we were waiting, a family friend tortured one of the cats, but the cat was willing. The other cats were all watching and crying. Then we had a homemade dinner. It was absolutely amazing. We tried a bottle of champaign for Saturday. The Greek uncle opened took off the foil, then told hero’s sister to pop it. When she didn’t, he reached across the table and the coark flew to the ceiling with a loud pop. His uncle also told me that I drink slow when I took too long to finish my second glass. Then, hero and I went clubbing. We stayed out until like 3 or so… Way after my bedtime. The bar was called zoo and had fake grass everywhere. I also was the only girl wearing flip-flops. Almost everyone was wearing extremely high heels. It was like there was a competition for who could wear the highest heels with a really desirable prize.

Well, I need to talk to Dave now before I take my shower.