Be Careful What You Wish For …

My flight home (to Vienna) was on Tuesday.  Since the week had been so much fun, I did not want to leave.  Well, thanks to the airline, my flight was delayed to 3:00 (originally 1:15).  So, I had a tea and Hero hung out with me at the airport, then he walks me to the security, but we decide to check on the time again first.  Well, now the flight is at 5, 10, maybe 7 or 8:00.  We left the airport, hung out a bit, called again and they said it won’t take off until 10:00.  Ok, so we go back to Hero’s house, walk around his city for a bit … I had my first Gyro in Cyprus during this delay!   It was actually the first time we got to walk around his city too.  lol.  Then, we call again and the flight is canceled.  Thanks, Blue Air, for keeping me in limbo all day.  On the phone, Hero had to ask them how to reschedule, they did not voluntarily give that information.  Anyway, my real fight home was yesterday on Austrian Airlines.  I was quite relieved, although still wishing the plane would turn around.  And, yes, we are 1 minute to landing a few hundred feet off the ground, slowing down, the wheels come out, and whoosh!  we go up in the air all of  a sudden.  The pilot abandoned the landing.  Unfortunately, they didn’t bring us back to Cyprus.   We eventually landed in Vienna.  So, I got my wish (1) more time in Vienna and (2) for the plane to turn around.

I’ll have to talk to Hero to have him help me remember the places we went and the things that happened.  You know, it’s all Greek to me …  literally!


Let me know what you think!

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