75 grams

We had lacrosse practice this afternoon.  It was a really nice day, so it made me pretty happy.  Also, I acted as the “goalie coach” for Bianca.  I enjoyed it, and Bianca says it is like Christmas and Easter in the same day.  Unfortunatly, tomorrow I leave for Berlin, so I will miss the next two game-days 😦

After practice, Kate, Ahreum, and I went to Billa.  I wanted to get some “Pfeffersalami mit semmel.”  Last time, I ordered 100 grams and that was a bit much for my sandwich … although it was delicious.  Today, I ordered 75 grams.  The lady started slicing, and wasn’t showing signs of stopping.  Then she says “70 odor 20”?  I say “75 grams” (in german).  She says that is way too much, and that I should get “20 grams”.   When I realized that she was talking about .2 kg instead of 20 grams, I said ok … So, now I have more than twice the amount of salami that I wanted … all because the deli slicer doesn’t know the metric system …  So, I bought some rolls to go along with my salami.  Four rolls that taste like soft pretzels.  One had pumpkin seeds on it, another sunflower seeds, the third salt, and the last one was plain.  I had two sandwiches for dinner (well, I spread it into two dinners as not to overload on salami).  I still have salami left over.  Hopefully I’ll be craving it for breakfast!

2 Responses to “75 grams”

  1. pk Says:

    Once I went into a Wawa and ordered 6 oz. of turkey breast. The clerk gave me something I could have mailed with one stamp with a (handwritten) price of $2.40. When I complained, the clerk showed me what she had done: she but had cut me 0.06lb instead of 0.375 lb ( had a decimal scale). The price came up as $0.24, which she thought couldn’t be right, so she moved the decimal point.

  2. Terese Says:

    PK – that story is a RIOT! Brit – hope you are enjoying your salami, no matter what system was used!

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