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4th Place

October 31 2010

Last weekend, we played in the ELF Women’s Champions Cup and placed 4th (out of 5) in Prague.  If you look at the points, you will see that I scored two goals! Whoo Hoo!  I enjoyed the tournament, except for the games against one particular team.    They hurt me … multiple times.  Let’s talk about three of the incidents.

First, I was guarding a girl behind the goal, and she was going for a crease roll, and a girl comes from behind me and basically does a combination of the following fouls: moving pick, blind pick, pushing, and cross check.  Unfortunately, I was running full strength at the time and my knuckle got caught between the two sticks.  At least I got a free position from the incident.

Second incident: I was on offense (haha … makes me laugh too).  One girl was marking me and someone else.  I made a cut, and she does a cross check.  I looked at her funny, hoping she would realize that was illegal.  Then, she did it again, to which I said “ow! you can’t do that.  please be careful.”  The third time she did that was right before a time out.  I yelled at her for a minute before going to my team, as I was rightfully a bit angry at the incidents.   For my safety, I demonstrated for her the difference between hitting someone with your stick and playing defense.

And now, incident number three.  This was the second day, after my bruise had formed (isn’t it pretty?)  Another girl was trying to defend by using her stick as a weapon, and I immediately yelled at her, to which her response was to say “you ran into me, you idiot.”  Even though she didn’t apologize, Dave told me that her teammate told her that she was wrong after the game.  I have realized that the hardest part of playing lacrosse is dealing with bad defenders as an offender who really is a defender.

from Amsterdam

my lovely bruise


less than one day and already 2 glasses broken

October 10 2010


granny with the leather pants



Dave and I arrived in Athens around noon today.  We took a walk through Plaka.  Tomorrow, we will go to the Acropolis.

Athens eats really late, so we had a 6:00 p.m. “snack” (Bruchetta and wine) at a cafe in the Platia Filomousou.  It was nice, and our waiter broke our wine glasses.  Then, we went back to the Electra Hotel to get ready for dinner.  We went out to dinner at Platanos Taverna, where we had a delicious dinner but learned that bread brought to the table is charged to you whether or not you eat it. Oh well, the food was good.  (Dave also complains that they didn’t bring him olive oil as his beverage).  After dinner, we attempted to go to Mostrou, as found in our Frommer’s guide to Athens … but it was not open.  But, from there we heard music from another restaurant/bar on Mniskleous, Krhtikou.   There, we saw live Greek music.  We arrived around 10:00, and at 12:30 Dave responded to my question “What is going on here” with “I don’t know, but everyone is eating their dinner except for us.”  Good response.  Well… I will introduce you to the players at this restaurant:

YOUNG COUPLE: They sat in front of us at the restaurant/bar.  The girl got up several times to dance, but they guy was seated the whole evening.  They made small conversation with us.

20/50 YEAR OLD:  I was watching this “young” woman dance, then I realized that she was closer to 50 than to 20, the age that I thought she was, when I saw her face.

BROWN SHIRT: This was Dave’s favorite dancer.  She knew all of the moves.  You can guess what color shirt she was wearing from her unique name.

EGGPLANT: She came late in the game, but she did a solo dance to end our evening.  She was wearing an eggplant color shirt.

DANCER MAN: He had a goatee, and was dancing like a crazy man.  He was dressed like a waiter, and he was trying to teach the young girls how to dance.  At times, his teaching techniques were rather inappropriate.

PROM QUEEN: She was dressed in a strapless hot pink dress with a black belt.  She knew all of the dances, but allowed the dancer man to teach her friends the moves.

CHILI PEPPER WINGS: This was a friend of the prom queen, who was crying in the bathroom at one point, I think because of boy drama.  But, Dave and I realized the truth of the matter.  She has two tatoos on her back that from afar look like wings, but are really chili peppers when you look closely.

PEACOCK: A woman wearing a peacock feather shirt.  She was a fantastic dancer, and occasionally made a dance floor of her own at random parts of the restaurant.

OLD MAN: An 80 yr old man, who danced by himself with others crouched nearby.  He could not do the fancy jumps that others did, but that does not mean he did not attempt.  I gasped when he hopped!  I feared for his safety.

GRANNY: A 70-something year old woman who was dressed in a long white t-shirt with gold embellishment and black leather pants, skin tight.  Yes, it is true.  In fact, I have shared a photo with you, but it does not really show the glory of the moment.  She was also quite the dance, and stayed out later than the two of us (we left at 2:30 a.m.).

Well, back to the drama that was unfolding in front of us:

We watched the Greek dances for quite a while.  It was really fun to watch.  Some of the dances I recognized from Hero’s sister’s weddings, but many of them were perplexing to me.  They were doing all sorts of crazy moves.  It was really exciting to watch.  Dave wanted to dance, so I tried to convince him to go up.  He didn’t want to, because it was mostly girls dancing for most of the songs.  Then, he heard a song that he recognized!   He danced the horah to a traditional jewish song (with PEACOCK).  Then, after the dance GRANNY took a stroll around the restaurant.  Dave gave her a smile, and she touched his shoulder.  He told me that he will never wash his shoulder again.   Uh oh …

Then, around 1:30 we were tired and ready to go home, so we asked for the check.  The waiter (and the couple at the table next to us) told us that we were not allowed to leave yet!  We didn’t get our check for another hour!

(By the way, according to Hero, we were at a rembetadiko).


October 5 2010

Anica and Brittany

This photo is of me and Anica, my roommate in Berlin for the BMS Summer School 2010.  The schedule was packed with 2-4 classes each day.  By the end, I was exhausted.  But, I managed to go to all except two lectures.

Outside of class, I hung out with some of the participants as well as met up with Gabi.  Since she’s living in Berlin, she gave me a “local” view of the city.

We went to the Berghain, a famous and exclusive club in Berlin!  We were actually rejected at first because we were too large of a group.  The second time, I went in with only Nikolai (one of the BMS summer school people who was adventurous enough to come out with me).  The 4 groups in front of us were rejected.  One was a creepy guy, so I was happy.  And right in front of me was an asian couple.  The bouncer says to them “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”  The girl responds “Ja” and the bouncer says “tut mir leid”.  That made me a little nervous.  But, I smiled and said “Abend” to the tall man.  I think Nikolai said  “wie geht’s?”  but, we were able to enter!  yippee!!  we danced to techno for a few hours, then went back to the hotel for an “early night” … arriting at 3:00 a.m.

My favorite thing about Berlin though is the weekend Brunch.  On Saturday or Sunday you can sit all day long for 9 euros.  There is an unlimited buffet from which you can just continuously get plates of delicious food.  AMAZING!  i wish brunch in the US was like this!

I think those were the highlights of my trip to Berlin.  It was a fun two weeks.  This morning I made up the lost sleep by accidentally sleeping through the first lecture of the “fall school on CAD” in Greece.  But, I will talk about this trip in another post …