Anica and Brittany

This photo is of me and Anica, my roommate in Berlin for the BMS Summer School 2010.  The schedule was packed with 2-4 classes each day.  By the end, I was exhausted.  But, I managed to go to all except two lectures.

Outside of class, I hung out with some of the participants as well as met up with Gabi.  Since she’s living in Berlin, she gave me a “local” view of the city.

We went to the Berghain, a famous and exclusive club in Berlin!  We were actually rejected at first because we were too large of a group.  The second time, I went in with only Nikolai (one of the BMS summer school people who was adventurous enough to come out with me).  The 4 groups in front of us were rejected.  One was a creepy guy, so I was happy.  And right in front of me was an asian couple.  The bouncer says to them “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”  The girl responds “Ja” and the bouncer says “tut mir leid”.  That made me a little nervous.  But, I smiled and said “Abend” to the tall man.  I think Nikolai said  “wie geht’s?”  but, we were able to enter!  yippee!!  we danced to techno for a few hours, then went back to the hotel for an “early night” … arriting at 3:00 a.m.

My favorite thing about Berlin though is the weekend Brunch.  On Saturday or Sunday you can sit all day long for 9 euros.  There is an unlimited buffet from which you can just continuously get plates of delicious food.  AMAZING!  i wish brunch in the US was like this!

I think those were the highlights of my trip to Berlin.  It was a fun two weeks.  This morning I made up the lost sleep by accidentally sleeping through the first lecture of the “fall school on CAD” in Greece.  But, I will talk about this trip in another post …


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