4th Place

Last weekend, we played in the ELF Women’s Champions Cup and placed 4th (out of 5) in Prague.  If you look at the points, you will see that I scored two goals! Whoo Hoo!  I enjoyed the tournament, except for the games against one particular team.    They hurt me … multiple times.  Let’s talk about three of the incidents.

First, I was guarding a girl behind the goal, and she was going for a crease roll, and a girl comes from behind me and basically does a combination of the following fouls: moving pick, blind pick, pushing, and cross check.  Unfortunately, I was running full strength at the time and my knuckle got caught between the two sticks.  At least I got a free position from the incident.

Second incident: I was on offense (haha … makes me laugh too).  One girl was marking me and someone else.  I made a cut, and she does a cross check.  I looked at her funny, hoping she would realize that was illegal.  Then, she did it again, to which I said “ow! you can’t do that.  please be careful.”  The third time she did that was right before a time out.  I yelled at her for a minute before going to my team, as I was rightfully a bit angry at the incidents.   For my safety, I demonstrated for her the difference between hitting someone with your stick and playing defense.

And now, incident number three.  This was the second day, after my bruise had formed (isn’t it pretty?)  Another girl was trying to defend by using her stick as a weapon, and I immediately yelled at her, to which her response was to say “you ran into me, you idiot.”  Even though she didn’t apologize, Dave told me that her teammate told her that she was wrong after the game.  I have realized that the hardest part of playing lacrosse is dealing with bad defenders as an offender who really is a defender.

from Amsterdam

my lovely bruise


3 Responses to “4th Place”

  1. Laura Says:

    How dare they!!! Well… I suppose you have to have your battle scars!

  2. Ebi Says:

    “my lovely bruise”!!!:-)) that was great 😉

  3. pk Says:

    That is one nasty-looking bruise…I think sticking is legal in the men’s game, which is why they have to wear helmets. I think women should have helmets also; remind me to tell you a story some time.

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