Dave Takes on Austria … Round Two

This time in Austria, Dave thought he knew what to expect, and was anxious to see and do things that I do on a normal day.  So, we’ll begin with the grocery store.

If you haven’t read about Dave’s first trip to the grocery store in Vienna, perhaps you should refresh yourself.  This time around, he was extra cautious to make sure we had everything weighed before going to the counter.  We wound up buying a lot of things at the Hofer during this particular trip.  So, we load up the conveyor belt and step in front of the cashier when it is our turn.  At this point, Dave is in front, then our cart, and then me (trapped).  The end of the counter is quite small, and the cashier was going quite fast, like lightning speed.  I was hearing “ding ding ding” as each item was being rung up, and saw a pile forming on the little shelf quite quickly.  Dave was fiddling with his bag trying to put the first item away.  I reach over the cart and start throwing things into it as Dave continues to neatly put the item into his bag.  I say “faster Dave, get it in the cart.”  Then, he is confused.  So, I have to push the cart out so I can get to the end and do it myself.  I didn’t have time to explain as things were almost falling onto the floor.  After we paid and moved aside to pack our groceries, I explained to Dave that you are supposed to work quickly at the end, and then use the counters elsewhere to pack your bags.  Leisurely packing in line is frowned upon (although it would be more convenient).  Well, I think now he knows all the secrets about Austrian supermarkets … although you can never be certain.

Throughout his visit, Dave kept asking me how to say certain things in German. This resulted in two funny incidents.  On a Saturday, we went to the Naschmarkt.  At some point, I had to go to the bathroom, so we go to Wein & Co (it was a free bathroom .. and they sell wine).  It is half a cafe/wine bar and half a wine shop.  A neat place to go, although a little more expensive than other places for a glass of wine.  So, I run into the bathroom and when I come out, Dave happily tells me that he has ordered an espresso all by himself … in German.  I gave him a hug and said “good job!”  I ordered a glass of wine, and then we were talking about something and wanted to use the internet.  So, I asked the waitress for the internet password, and she responded in English, to which Dave exclaims “she speaks English!”  The waitress laughs and says “of course I do, but you looked so happy when speaking German, that I thought I would let you practice.”  I am sad that I was in the bathroom when he ordered, because I can just picture his face smiling, so proud that he was speaking German!

The next experience was at the Naschmarkt itself.  We wanted to bring home some olives.  One of the phrases that I taught Dave was “ein bisschen”, which means “a little”, and “proberien” which means “sample” or “test”.  So, with every type of olive Dave would first ask for “proberien” then ask for “ein bisschen”.  The problem was that the man would point at an olive, Dave would say “proberien?” then “ein bisschen”.  Then, the man would point at another olive.  I guess I neglected to tell Dave how to say “nein” or “das ist alles”, so 25 euros later, we had a plethora of olives ….


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2 Responses to “Dave Takes on Austria … Round Two”

  1. Laura Says:

    AWwwwwwwwww!! I can totally see Dave’s face too 😀

  2. Brittany's Blog Says:

    […] time he came, he was a little confused that mustard is called Senf and comes in toothpaste tubes.  The next time he came, he bought 30 euros worth of olives because he only knew how to say “ein bisschen” and didn’t realize that he could […]

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