Yesterday was day one of my 2nd German class.  I am now in 1B.

In the beginning of the class, we learned that the word fast means almost.  We used it in the following sentence: Ich lebe seit fast 3 Monate in Wein.  (I live in Vienna for almost 3 months).  Later in the class, we were trying to guess the plural of a word.  After many wrong suggestions were offered, Ioana (a student in the class) says something to which Florian (the instructor) responds “fast.”  So, Ioana says the same word quickly (and I, too, thought this was the appropriate action).  It turns out that she was almost correct … not saying it too slowly.


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One Response to “fast”

  1. pk Says:

    I had a similar experience in hs French…my French I teacher (fresh out of college and a little ill-at-ease) would point to things in the room and ask us “Q’est-ce que c’est” (“what is that?”). When it was my turn, I’d reply for example “la fenêtre” (window), and she’d agree, “C’est la fenêtre;” then, because I thought she’d told me to, I’d SAY “la fenêtre.” This went on for months. Eventually, I realized what she’d actually been saying all along; I don’t think she ever tumbled to the truth.

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