I am sitting at the CDG airport.  I have 3.5 minutes left of my internet.  But, I will begin to explain my weekend in Paris and complete this post when I get home.  First, I am able to say I spent a weekend in Paris and I think that is awesome!  I was here with Merri (Dave’s mom) & Lisa (Dave’s sister).  I spent a weekend in Paris, and did not go to the Eiffel tower or to the Champs d’Elysees.  Although, we did SEE the Eiffel tower … peaking over the tops of some buildings!  We did do one museum though, the Musee Marmottan Monet.  One of the things that I liked seeing there was his palette with paint on it.  I also thought it was amazing walking into the basement of the museum, where they had many of his large lily paintings.  The room was open, so it was really a spectacular sight when you first walked downstairs.

Let’s talk about our dinners.  I arrived on a Friday night.  When I arrived at the apartment, there was a large spread of olives and french bread and other delicious things, including some cooked mushrooms … and of course, djion mustard!  We ate until we were full, then had some dessert 🙂

On Saturday night, we went to Juveniles.  It is a wine shop that also serves tapas-style food.  The food I must say was delicious.   We had foi gras, duck, ratatuille, beef, and I forget what else … oh, and some wine too 🙂  The waitress was very nice, and she was from Scandinavia.  She joined us for a glass of wine at the end of the meal.

My Crepe

The man makes my pre-dinner snack

On Sunday night, we went to Mon Viel Ami.  During the meal, Lisa had a good view of the kitchen and was watching the efficiency with which they worked.  They do two seatings a night, and we ate during the first seating.  So, there was a lot of prep going on as we ate for the second seating.  Again, this meal was delicious.  Lisa had Wild Boar, I had scallops, and I forget what Merri had.  Since I had preceded dinner with two crepes (one sugar/cinnamon, and the other caramel), I was not able to think about eating dessert!!

Of course, a trip to Paris isn’t complete without shopping (who cares if we get to the Eiffel tower if we can’t go shopping)?  Lisa bought two dresses.  At one of the stores she was just 20 euros shy of getting the VAT back, so she tried on a sweater (nothing in this store was under 60 euros).  The sweater looks best on display.  I don’t think it was designed to be worn.  Anyway, she starts buttoning the sweater (and there were a lot of buttons too) and the lady at the store comes over to help her.  Lisa had mismatched the buttons.  Upon realizing this, the saleswoman says “Monday is matched with Tuesday.”  We all enjoyed that comment, and thought that it should be used more often.

We went to Garre du Nord as a pre-run for my trip to the airport.  We wanted to make sure I knew where I was going, and to buy my ticket.  Well, no ticket counter was open (we couldn’t even find the ticket counter at first).  So, we attempted to use the machines.  After trying almost every credit card we had among the three of us, we realized that it does not accept American credit cards.  So, we attempted cash … but no, they do not accept bills either.  We were trying to buy two tickets (one for me for Monday and one for Merri for Wednesday), and so the machine was asking us for about 16 euros in change!  What a ridiculous system.  Lisa bought herself a coffee, and we were able to put together enough change to buy one of the two tickets.

It was a wonderful weekend in Paris!!!  Food, shopping, and relaxing!  Thanks, Merri & Lisa!!

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