Fire Hazards

Maybe I worry about this because my grandfather was a firefighter, but if a fire were to start in my room (that would probably be impossible because it is sooo cold  here “im keller”), I would be a goner.  The door to both my bedroom and the front door of the house are both double cylinder locks.  This means that you need a key both to open them and to close them.  I keep the key in the bedroom door when I am in my bedroom, but suppose I didn’t.  If there was an emergency and I had to get out, then I would need to find my key, unlock the door, run upstairs, and use my key once more to open the front door.  What if my key was inaccessible?  Also, putting a key in a lock is hard enough.  If I were in a panic, I would struggle even more to get the key into the keyhole!  I really think that this is a fire hazard, and it bothers me a lot.  Why are people allowed to install these locks in the doors in their houses?



3 Responses to “Fire Hazards”

  1. pk Says:

    I used to live in a place like that; I made an extra key and kept it permanently in the lock. You don’t need that for your room so long as you always put your key in the lock when you come home. Any chance of doing that for the front door? What are the circumstances? How public is the area between your front door and your room? Would it be safe to leave a key in that space?

  2. Laura Says:

    In NC, they usually do it when you have a window portion to your door at the top (so one can’t break the window and reach down with a tool to unlock your front door.

    That’s what I currently have in my studio. I will be thinking about that a lot now Brit, thanks 😛 😉

  3. Terese Fasy Says:

    YIKES! And because Poppy was a firefighter – it’s the first think I think of too, Brit! It’s also why I am so paranoid about leaving electrical appliances plugged in!

    Love reading your Blogs!

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