A Phone Call

Last night, I called Eduardo as I walked from the tram to my house (well not my house, but the house that I am currently living in).  Eduardo and I do not have a good history as far as phone calls go.  Usually, neither one of us can understand the other.  It winds up with one or both of us getting very confused.  I often ask him to speak in English because there is no way that some things he says is English.  Usually, our face-to-face conversations are a little better … although this isn’t always the case.  But, we’ve learned to deal with the language issue and we are good friends.

Most of our conversations are mock fights, which is probably rather funny for any bystander … which brings me to the reason for the phone call.  Last night, he was going to have a party.  When I discovered this, I decided that I was going to call him and give him a hard time about having a party while I am in another country.  But, he cancelled the party … so, the phone call was just to say “thank you for cancelling it, but you really didn’t have to cancel it on my behalf.”   When I called him, he was first a bit shocked, then we started out bantering back and forth.  And, for the most part we understood each other!  At the end of the conversation, he says to me “well, I really enjoyed the phone call.  It was nice to fight with you again.”  I do what I can to keep people happy I guess.


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