Steirmark Restaurant in Vienna

I know I have already failed “post a week”, but at least it hasn’t been two weeks since I said I would post every week …

The night before my birthday, Amit took me out to dinner to celebrate.  The dinner was also an apology for bailing on a ski trip with me the previous weekend.  This dinner definitely made up for that!  We went to Steirer Stuben, a restaurant that specializes in dishes from Steirermark, a region/state of Austria.  For an appetizer, we had Leberknödelsuppe (broth soup with liver dumplings).  This is my favorite soup in Vienna, so I was happy to eat it here.  Then, for the entrees we ordered Weidelammrücken rosa gebacken mit Blattspinat und Zweibelerdäfel (lamb with spinach and onion-potatoes) and gegrilltes Kalbsrückensteak mit Gänseleber auf Calvadossauce, Broccoli und hausgemachten Nudeln (grilled veal topped with a goose liver and served with a side of broccoli and homemade noodles .  Both of our meals were phenomenal.   I have trouble eating things off bones, so I tried my best with the lamb.  Amit was staring the bones down when I gave up on them.  I passed them over to him so he could suck on my lamb bones.  I don’t think this was what other patrons did with their bones, but the food was so good, we couldn’t leave anything behind!  We drank Zweigelt Kirchthal, an Austrian red wine.

One thing that surprised us about the meal was how good the desert is.  We are used to delicious desserts served in the coffee shops throughout Vienna.  We chose a traditional Viennese dessert, the Apfelstrudel.  It was served with rumraisins and vanilla ice cream.  (Don’t worry, I took out two lactaid pills before we began eating this, one for me and one for Amit.  He seems to have caught the lactose-intollerence disease from me).  We also had something that we did not know what to expect, geeiste Kardinalschnitte mit aromatisieretem Kaffee und Zwergorangen.  The description on the English menu did not help us understand any better: Kardinal slices with flavored coffee and kumquats.  Neither of us have had a kumquat before.  We learned that it is a fruit that is very flavorful, almost like potpourri.  The flavored coffee we didn’t notice until we were almost done.  It was a small ball filled with coffee flavored juices.  It was sitting on a little stand made out of sugar.  We were poking at the ball for a little bit before one of us was brave enough to pop it like you pop a pimple.  The Kardinalschnittee was amazing.  It looked like a standard Viennese schnitte, but it was frozen and had a slight coffee flavor to it.  It was absolutely delicious!

Sorry I couldn’t post the photos of the food.  I need to find a cable to connect my camera to my computer.


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