Arrival in Paris

Last night I flew to Paris, France. Of course, the transit was not without adventure.

At the Vienna airport, they ask me for my passport and I gave them my residence permit. They then tell me that I need my passport to fly. Any time I have flown out of Vienna to a Schengen country, all I needed to show was my residence card. Most times, no Id is checked at all!! So, we resolve this issue with them just giving me a lecture.

Now they are to check my bags, and they were confused about checking my skis. She tells me that there is a fee to check skis. So I decide to check my carry-on too since the skis won’t qualify for the free baggage. I then go over to the counter to pay, and they say ‘is this your second bag?’ I tell them the other agent said it didn’t matter. The two people at this desk got into a fight (in French) about how much to charge me. The man said it would be free, and the woman €55. Then they both furiously looked through their computers and the binders with the air France rules. It was decided that my skis can be my free baggage, so I had to go back to the check-in counter to reclaim my carry-on.

The fun part was navigating the French metro with my skis, boots, and a rolling bag during rush hour. I walked up or down at least 4 flights of stairs without escalators, and only once did someone take pity on me and carry a bag down for me, although I probably would have declined most people’s offer for fear that they would steal my bag! The Paris metro has these gates that you put your ticket in and the gate opens long enough for one person to go through, but not long enough for you to get your skis through. I was wedged in the gate like a mouse caught in a mouse trap. The next person was nice enough to release me by putting his ticket in too, but this meant that he had to get through the gate with me. So, no sooner did the gate start to open then I felt someone push me from behind to help me through.


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One Response to “Arrival in Paris”

  1. Laura Says:

    Oh b chick your adventures in traveling never cease! Although I am doubtful about why the air France ppl dont know their own rules and just get to make it up…

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