David’s Arrival

David is here in Austria for ten days! His travel here was not an easy one. It started at the RDU airport when they weren’t going to let him fly because he didn’t have a visa. After arguing with him for a couple minutes, the airline representative asked him where Austria is located. Still not believing him that no Visa was needed, she cunsulted another airline rep.

Then, his flight to Detroit was delayed so they switched his flight to go through JFK instead. Of course, that flight was delayed too. So, when he landed, he had to run to catch his next flight. The airline staff told him that he probably would not make it, but he ran like the wind in his hiking boots and dragging his carry-on. He made it!

When he finally arrived in Vienna, he finds out that his baggage did not arrive. I was going to meet him at a train station, but I went to cafe dreschler instead since itcould take a while. They tell him that his bags are still at RDU. He tried to get an estimate but they just said ‘maybe tonight’. He questioned the feasibility of this, but they were very fickle in the way they responded. So, he left the airport to meet me at a café. He let me know what train he was on, so I knew when to expect him. Thirty minutes after I thought he would arrive, there was no sign of him. I sent Darrell an IM to see if he thought Dave would find me. He suggested that Dave got on the next train, so he should be arriving soon. Sure enough, he came within the next few minutes. It turns out that he was in a long line to buy an ubahn ticket.

We got a phone call at 2:30 saying that his luggage has arrived, less than three hours after they told him that it was in North Carolina.

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3 Responses to “David’s Arrival”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hah! Well I’m glad there was a good resolution 🙂

  2. Darrell Says:

    So I was right about the train, and you were right about the airline having a teleporter. Man, we’re smart.

  3. Terese Fasy Says:

    I can’t believe an air line rep didn’t know where Austria is! Geesh – even I know that one! LOL

    Glad to hear Dave’s luggage arrived!

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