Arrival in Sankt Anton Am Arlberg


Bergschloessl hotel

the comforters are in the shape of hearts!

Dave and I arrived in St Anton am Alberg on a warm Sunday afternoon.  I had the maps saved in my iPod to help us get from the train station to the hotel.  It turns out that it was almost overkill to be that prepared with directions here.  St Anton is a small little town.  There are roads that come up in Google Maps, but really … they are just walkways.  Our hotel was the Bergschlössl.  When we walked through the room for the first time, I was amazed.  In the bathroom was a footed tub.  The toilet was in its own little room.  Everything is made of wood, and hand carved … including the ceiling!  They left us a basket of fruit on the table (with kiwis!) The blankets on the bed were in the shape of hearts.  It was just perfect!  In addition, there was an Apple computer in the room that played Aretha Franklin.  In the skiroom, we were the only ones to actually put our skis into a locker.  There were skis and boots lying all over the room.  We knew right away that this was a safe place.  Did we mention the sauna, steam room, gym, and solarium?  Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to use those during our stay (but given the current state of my face, maybe I should have used the solarium to even out the burn).  The location of the Bergschlössl could not be better. Not only was it close to the train station, but there were two lifts right outside our door!



Dave attempts off-piste

Dave gets a close view of the fresh snow

Well, now we come to our first day of skiing.  Dave demoed a pair of Solomon skis, and asked to start off on an easy trail.  So, I picked a great red trail to start our day off, since those are easier than the black trails.  (Remember that a red trail is equivalent to a black diamond in the USA and I have just come back from a week of skiing in the French Alps).  Dave looked a little mad at me when we got off the lift and he saw the trial.  I thought it was an easy start to the day, but apparently it was not.  He did a great job skiing down it though!  We learned that his skis were good in the fresh powder and hard packed snow, but really really bad in the slushy snow.  Since it was snowing at the top of the mountain and raining at the bottom, we experienced it all.  Unfortunately, there was more slushy mess than fluffy snow.  We did find a few trails–S3, S4, S5 in Stuben–where the trails were quite nice and there were absolutely no people.  On the way back, we followed signs back to St Anton.  Near the top, we had a choice to do a black slope or a red slope.  Dave said to me “I am too tired now to try a black slope, so no, we will not do that”.  So, we chose the red slope and continued to follow signs to St. Anton.  It turns out that we should have done some more planning.  A little while later, we wind up on a black piste as it is the only way back home! Again, Dave looked a little mad at me when we realized that we had to go down.  It was slushy, but he made it down and did a good job skiing the Austrian Black slope!  When we got to the bottom of the mountain, right outside the door to our hotel, Dave collapsed into the snow.


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One Response to “Arrival in Sankt Anton Am Arlberg”

  1. Laura Says:

    (Catching up as I am post-conference now)

    He was probably mad at you because he was afraid of losing the ring on too hard of a trail!!!

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