After we returned to the hotel on Tuesday, we made a few phone calls to tell people the wonderful news. After exhausting a bottle of sparkling wine and not being able to ignore our hunger anymore, we took a break to go out to dinner. Then,we returned and finished our phone calls around 5:00 a.m.! Here are some of the responses that we remember:

Amit (Duke, now French, Friend): I hope you guys are eating well!

Ashley (Dave’s cousin Stacy’s daughter): Hugs her bunny that I gave her as a gift and says to her mother “now she really will be a part of our family!” Stacy and Cem (her husband) said that they have never seen Ashley happier. I think she may have cried. (Background: Ashley has been encouraging Dave to propose since I first moved to Austria. She actually offered to help him buy it by giving him $100 of her allowance money).

Catie (UNC Friend): Says in a surprised voice, “She said yes?”

Daria (Natalie’s Mother): I am great at planning weddings. Then, she called my parents and Natalie to start plotting.

Darrell (UNC Friend): Can I tell people yet? I want to go out to celebrate tonight. To which I responded, “I feel like I am going to marry both of you.” His response: “Maybe we should all three discuss that together.” (Background:Darrell was one of Dave’s accomplices in this mission. Also, Darrell often ims me to say “Goodnight” within minutes of Dave saying “good morning”. So, no matter what time it is, I can always reach one of them. I think they are keeping these hours so that I don’t get lonely in Austria).

Diana (Brit’s HS Friend): Absolute excitement. She competes with Ashley for the most excited person to receive our phone call. She was inside a coffee shop when we first called, but stepped outside to talk to us. When she got outside, we told her and she screamed. She was out of breath and asking a million questions at once.She said it probably didn’t matter that she walked outside since she was making so much noise, she disturbed everyone inside anyway.

Herbert (Brit’s Adviser): Oh boy.

Joe (Brit’s father): Tells the entire Philadelphia post office (he was doing his mailing when we called).

Lisa (Dave’s sister): I have always wanted a little sister (who I can boss around).

Meghan (Brit’s College Friend): We told her that my HS ring (one of the two rings Dave stole from me to figure out the appropriate size) is too large for me because they refused to believe my finger was a size 4.75. Her response was “typical Catholic School.”

Merri (Dave’s mom): I do not have Brit’s parents telephone number. I would like to call them in the next few days if that is alright with you.

Robby: Asked Alana “Did Dave do anything crazy like ask on the top of a mountain or something?”

Vishal: One proposal done, one more to go …

We made all of these phone calls using Skype on my computer. We called from the hallway, where the best wireless signal was found. We were sitting (rather uncomfortably) on the floor. We actually got to video chat with Alana and Jeff, but the lighting was poor … so, we went into the bathroom. I was sitting (clothed) in the tub while chatting with them on Skype! lol. The next morning we realized that the fancy computer in the room had Skype installed and used a wired internet connection. We could have been sitting comfortably in the rocking chair! haha. Go us.


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2 Responses to “Reactions”

  1. Laura Says:

    The ONE day I would ever wish to be in a Philadelphia post office… 😉 xoxoxoxoxo your dad must have been hilarious!!

  2. Matthew O'Meara Says:

    Merri’s response shows where Dave gets his even temper 🙂

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