Obvious Scam

I am keeping my eye open for apartments in Vienna to rent.  On Craigslist, 90% of the posts are scams.  You can tell because they are in London or Africa doing some very good thing and want you to send them the deposit ASAP.  One ad was:

This is an available one bedroom fully furnished bedroom,bathroom and Kitchen.High speed internet and located in a nice environment with easy transport.
It is comfortable and very neat and affordable.

I replied to this ad to find more information.  They gave me the address: Kaerntner Ring 17, 1015 Vienna (which is technically in the 1st district, not the 15th).  And a photo:


claims to be in the 1st district of vienna

a kitchen in Vienna's 1st district?

As you can see from the window, it does not look like this kitchen is in a city.  In fact, I can guarantee that this photo was not taken on the Kaerntner Ring!  There is also a photo of a bedroom with a slanted ceiling indicating that this is a 1-floor house (since the kitchen is on ground level).  Haha … even less likely.



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