Things that Make me Happy

When Dave comes to visit me in Austria, he often attempts to be self-sufficient. The first tiem he came, he was a little confused that mustard is called Senf and comes in toothpaste tubes. The next time he came, he bought 30 euros worth of olives because he only knew how to say “ein bisschen” and didn’t realize that he could say “Nein” or “Stopp”.  Now, he is getting a little better.  I really enjoy watching him carefully order things in German.

Here are two things that make me happy that Dave does in German:

#1- When he counts on his fingers in German to figure out what the numbers are.  “Ein .. Zwei … Drei … Vier .. FUNF! … Sechs  … Sieben” (Funf is his favorite German number, so that one is always exaggerated).

#2- When he orders something in German successfully, he cheers for himself.  He claps his hands together and has a GIANT smile on his face.  I love that!

Here are two “mistakes” that Dave made in German:

#1-  He wanted coffee at night, but he knew that I wouldn’t let him drink caffeinated drinks after dinner.  So, he wanted to learn how to ask for a caffeine free coffee.  I told him to say “Haben Sie ein koffeinfrei Kaffee?”  Before he asked, I called over the waitress and said, pointing to David, “Er hat eine Frage.”  Then, I tell Dave to ask his question and he says “Haben Sie ein koffein frogger Kaffee?”  He heard me say Frage and heard FROGGER, which sounded like frei to him.

#2- We were walking between Ubahn lines and he says “Brit, why is there a Kinder Butcher?”  I asked him what he was talking about.  He says “the sign says Kinder Butcher”.  I think for a moment then ask if the sign said “Kinderbücher” (children’s books) instead.

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One Response to “Things that Make me Happy”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    That kinder butcher story is funny! Its like one of those stories you see in Readers Digest.

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