Craigslist CAPTCHA … Gone too Far?

I wanted to post an ad on Craigslist.  After creating the ad, it sends you an email.  Then, you have to go to another website where you enter the words you see in an image.  Usually, these images have letters and numbers that appear in the English language (and our keyboards).  The one I received, however, contained a partial derivative:

security code in image on craigslist


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One Response to “Craigslist CAPTCHA … Gone too Far?”

  1. monika Says:

    It’s nothing malicious on the captcha’s part. Recaptcha collects training data for programs trying to digitize old texts; of the two words it gives you, one it already knows the answer to (and is using as the captcha), and the other it’s trying to figure out (and is hoping you know). It’s been becoming increasingly obvious which one is which in recent months.

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