Princess of the streets of China

Back when Darrell came to visit me, we encountered a Gypsy lady on the 239 Bus that takes us from Heilengenstadt (Wien) to Klosterneuburg.  She kept talking to Bei, asking her if she wanted a lolli and calling her the princess of the streets of China and told her that all of them men would want her in China since she would be the princess of the streets.  Now, I think this was a complement, and she was saying that Bei was very pretty.  (Perhaps the Gypsy lady just thought Bei was a prostitute … who knows).  I never saw that lady again … until yesterday.

I was at Heilengenstadt waiting for the bus (I had 15 minutes to wait).  Then, I go to sit down on a bench.  And, literally out of no-where, this lady sits on the chair underneath me.  I nearly sat on her. So, I go somewhere else to spend my time.  But, the lady was familiar to me.  Then, I am waiting outside and she moves to the bench by the bus stop.  And, she gets onto the 239.  She sat two rows behind me.  As the bus took off, it clicked. She was the Gypsy lady!  So excited, I wanted to take a picture.  So, I took out my cell phone and attempted to take a “self-portrait” well, there is a flash and a loud shutter sound.  I quickly aborted that option.  Then, I realized that a video would be more discreet.  So, I changed seats so that I would be facing her and took this video:


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