Austrian Lacrosse Open

This weekend is the Austrian Lacrosse Open. We had two games today and two games yesterday. We lost our first two games against the Global Players and the Hatch Eye Hawks (England). We won against Passau, which put us in 3rd of the four teams in our group. Unfortunately, we lost our first tournament game against the Vienna Monarchs. Our final game will be tomorrow, again against Passau. Although I would have loved to see us win against the Monarchs, I think that our team played well together so far. I felt that we really played hard in all of our games. Let’s hope for another victory tomorrow though so we can end this tournament on a good note!

Of course, no tournament goes without any injuries inflicted on me. The first one was quite spectacular. I was running full speed and my defender (not purposefully I hope) tripped me, causing me to go FLYING on the grass. After I landed on the grass and realized that I was still moving forward, I was very confused. I stood up, still pretty confused, and tried to regain focus on the game when one of my teammates yelled “uh, Brit, do you need a sub?” I thought for a second and realized I was out of breath from the fall and could use a second or two to regain composure, so I had a sub come in for me. Then, I look at my forearm and my hip and realize that both have very large grass burn on them. I had to go to the first aid bench to get wrapped up so I could play again. The second injury is a heart shaped bruise on my arm. The third injury is sunburn (even though I used sunscreen!) I can’t decide which of the three is the worst.

When the girls on the team are talking about things that have happened during the game, it is often in German. If I do not know what the topic is, I often try to focus long enough to figure out what they are talking about (and sometimes I can even do this before the conversation is over). But, if I know the topic, I find that I can understand 75% of what they are saying (maybe because hand gestures are used too, but I’d like to attribute it to my growing knowledge of German). The one thing that I love is when they talk about something that I did or that happened to me. When referring to me, they call me “die Brit” (the Brit). It makes me feel special. Also, when I am on the field, I often hear “Wer hat die Sieben? Ich habe die Sieben!” (Who has the 7? I have the 7!) I am number 7, so they were talking about me! Adding the word “die” (female form of the) in front of my name “Brit” or my number “7” just makes me feel special. (I am ok with the fact that everyone is special in German).


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