First IST Austria Poker Night

Morten and I bought 500 poker chips online. Then, we organized a poker game. We had a 5 Euro buy-in and 1 cent / 2 cent blinds. The game started at 19:00 and just ended (around 00:00). We has seven people in total play. We wanted to keep the game “friendly” so we never raised the blinds and we had a pot limit on the raises. Of all the people playing tonight, I was the biggest winner. I left with 13 Euros (+8 Euros)! Go me!

On another note, today I was working from coffee shops in Vienna. First, I was at Cafe Ritter on Mariahilfer Straße. The tea came in a pot and the Goulash soup was pretty good.  The only problem was that you had to go through their smoking section in order to get to their bathrooms.  Then, we went to Akakiko on the top of a tall building, again on  Mariahilfer Straße.  The food we decent, and the view was very pleasant.  The removal of the smokers on the rooftop terrace could have made this experience a bit nicer though.  Finally, we attempted to go to one of my favorite bagel shops, Bagel Station.  However, this place has closed and Campus Suite has opened in its place.  Although they don’t serve bagels, their iced tea was decent.  I was also eyeing a caramel apple torte, but I did not try it.  Perhaps next time …

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