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Southwest Airlines

July 28 2011

Southwest Airlines used to be my favorite airline.  Their rewards program used to be so simple: fly 16 flights (8 round trips) and earn a round trip free.  The coupon for the free trip would automatically be emailed to you (and coupons for free drinks would automatically be mailed to you) when you reached the number of flights.  If you traveled enough (I think 16? round trips in 1 year), you would earn A-list status, which meant that you get a free companion pass for a year.  The algorithm was easy … based on a number of flights.  With discounts often being offered for my RDU-PHL trip, earning rewards was very easy.

Now, they’ve changed the rewards program.  You earn points based on the amount you spent on the flight times some number that depends on the type of fare that you purchased.  Then, you can use rewards points to buy new flights.  It is no longer automatically sent to you.  In fact, it is so confusing Southwest actually send out an email now “Answer Guide Series” to help people understand their rewards program. better.  The only good thing about their new program is that the rewards do not expire.

I used to love Southwest because of the simplicity of their rewards program.  I felt that I could actually earn reward flights in reasonable amounts of time.  Now, they have just another airline rewards program designed to baffle the customer so they don’t use their rewards flights.  Boo!


We Started a Registry!

July 14 2011

Dave and I have begun to make our wedding registry.  We chose to use to consolidate all of our registries to make it easier to see everything on one website.  You can view our registry here:  Linked to this registry are two store registries, one for Williams-Sonoma and the other for Macy’s.  We chose Williams-Sonoma because they are known for their cooking products.  Macy’s was chosen because they have stores everywhere, and they give us 5% back on purchases made by our guests (which I don’t think other department stores do).  Since we haven’t gone into a store yet, we’ve only added items that we could pick out without actually seeing.

We initially only told a few people about the registry as we were figuring out how this worked.  Last night, we worked on finalizing our initial registry.  We removed unnecessary things, and we added the items at Williams-Sonoma.  Macy’s is having a sale now and the KitchenAid mixer was $100 off.  Dave was very excited about this and asked me if he should buy it, I said no.  Then he said “but it’s on sale …”  He seemed to be very excited about this mixer and I wasn’t sure why.  Today, I noticed that the KitchenAid mixer was already purchased for us!  I did not know who it was, so I talked it over with Dave.  We figured that it was his mother who bought it.  Then Dave says “I bought the mixer!!! It’s red!!!”  I just though “no way” and “I can’t believe he got so excited about a mixer”.  Then, he tries to re-assure me “but, it was on sale! we couldn’t pass this opportunity up!” At that point I was really worried.  The registry is a list of gifts for others to get us, not for us to get us!  After ten minutes of discussion (me telling him that he is crazy, and him yelling “it’s red!”), he finally told me that he did not purchase it.  I didn’t quite believe him at first.  I thought he really did get excited and buy the mixer, but (thankfully) he was just joking me.  We still didn’t know who bought it until I looked it up on Macy’s site.  His Aunt Barb & Uncle Barry bought it for us.  It’s probably a good thing too, because Dave probably would have purchased it anyway!  Now, he is talking about all of the attachments that we need to ask for, including the meat grinder so he can make his own burgers.  (I think this is the reason he wanted the KitchenAid in the first place).

Google Voice

July 13 2011

I use Google Voice and Text Free on my ipod in order to send and receive calls and text messages for free from Austria, as long as I have a working internet connection.  If I miss a call, the voicemail is recorded by Google Voice and emailed to me.  Often, Dave’s messages are transcribed incorrectly.  I thought that I would dedicate a post to highlight some of the messages that I read in my email:

Hey what’s up. I think that phone say hey, what’s going on. I don’t hear I minutes for him Yes, I’ll talk tothe Barnes and Nobles pick up a Magazine and author parts. I love you.

I wonder what author parts he picked up at the Barnes & Noble.  Often, in his messages, his words contain plenty of repetition that is not common in Dave’s speech.  This one makes him sound like a Backstreet Boy:

Hey babe, it’s me I don’t know if you’ve got enough Yes. But. I
was just calling because I’m going to go see if I love you And I miss you.
[….]  Bye honey. Love you. Good
luck on your teams and have a fun time. I love you bye bye, bye.

Google does not understand my name or his name correctly (or maybe Dave doesn’t know what our names are).  Babe and honey are not words that typically come out of Dave’s mouth, but Google adds them in there for him.  But, there are just other names that come out of the blue as well:

Hey what’s up. It’s Dave from excessive what you are not so there’s a lot.

Hey what’s up. It’s Mansard then I work with all of that and see what’s up. Alright thank you bye.

Hey what’s up. It’s me. […] I am Oliver. Love youbye.

Hey Brett, It’s Dave. I was just calling to see what’s going on walking over. To bottling to get myselfsome sort of things and maybe watch some of you and see you later, but gimme a call. If you want. I’llbe around. I love you bye bye, hey.

Sometime he can predict the future:

Hey what’s up. It’s me, just calling what’s going on. Hello to you Give me a call when you get sick.When you get this. Hey

but he only guesses about the past:

Hey what’s up. It’s me. I was just calling to tell you. Guess what we’re gonna rain last night. ThePassenger Car Business, You’re not only bye HI late. I think. I think. No Cardiff in, actually. Okay, byelove you. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

And sometimes he breaks into a rap:

What what what. Bob Bob Bob Dole, I really Global.



So, next time you leave me a message, know that it doesn’t really matter what you say, Google will find the words for you anyway.


July 3 2011

Last night I had a dream.  I was going through the airport security, and I was stopped because they wouldn’t let me through with ice.  It was in my water bottle, but no water was in it.  My argument was that ice is a solid, not a liquid.  They told me that ice was a liquid.  This now brings me to wonder, can you bring ice through a security checkpoint at the airport?