Last night I had a dream.  I was going through the airport security, and I was stopped because they wouldn’t let me through with ice.  It was in my water bottle, but no water was in it.  My argument was that ice is a solid, not a liquid.  They told me that ice was a liquid.  This now brings me to wonder, can you bring ice through a security checkpoint at the airport?


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2 Responses to “ice”

  1. Paul Klingsberg Says:

    That’s a good question…I bet the answer is no, because legally, ice must count as ice. But if the law were perfect–that is, could target exactly those substances that could pose a danger–should the answer be yes? That is, is the fact that the H2O is frozen enough to insure that it really is water, or could dangerous substances be made to imitate ice?

  2. Paul Klingsberg Says:

    oops–I meant that legally, ice must count as water…

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