We Started a Registry!

Dave and I have begun to make our wedding registry.  We chose to use myregistry.com to consolidate all of our registries to make it easier to see everything on one website.  You can view our registry here: www.myregistry.com/public/brittanyanddave  Linked to this registry are two store registries, one for Williams-Sonoma and the other for Macy’s.  We chose Williams-Sonoma because they are known for their cooking products.  Macy’s was chosen because they have stores everywhere, and they give us 5% back on purchases made by our guests (which I don’t think other department stores do).  Since we haven’t gone into a store yet, we’ve only added items that we could pick out without actually seeing.

We initially only told a few people about the registry as we were figuring out how this worked.  Last night, we worked on finalizing our initial registry.  We removed unnecessary things, and we added the items at Williams-Sonoma.  Macy’s is having a sale now and the KitchenAid mixer was $100 off.  Dave was very excited about this and asked me if he should buy it, I said no.  Then he said “but it’s on sale …”  He seemed to be very excited about this mixer and I wasn’t sure why.  Today, I noticed that the KitchenAid mixer was already purchased for us!  I did not know who it was, so I talked it over with Dave.  We figured that it was his mother who bought it.  Then Dave says “I bought the mixer!!! It’s red!!!”  I just though “no way” and “I can’t believe he got so excited about a mixer”.  Then, he tries to re-assure me “but, it was on sale! we couldn’t pass this opportunity up!” At that point I was really worried.  The registry is a list of gifts for others to get us, not for us to get us!  After ten minutes of discussion (me telling him that he is crazy, and him yelling “it’s red!”), he finally told me that he did not purchase it.  I didn’t quite believe him at first.  I thought he really did get excited and buy the mixer, but (thankfully) he was just joking me.  We still didn’t know who bought it until I looked it up on Macy’s site.  His Aunt Barb & Uncle Barry bought it for us.  It’s probably a good thing too, because Dave probably would have purchased it anyway!  Now, he is talking about all of the attachments that we need to ask for, including the meat grinder so he can make his own burgers.  (I think this is the reason he wanted the KitchenAid in the first place).


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