Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines used to be my favorite airline.  Their rewards program used to be so simple: fly 16 flights (8 round trips) and earn a round trip free.  The coupon for the free trip would automatically be emailed to you (and coupons for free drinks would automatically be mailed to you) when you reached the number of flights.  If you traveled enough (I think 16? round trips in 1 year), you would earn A-list status, which meant that you get a free companion pass for a year.  The algorithm was easy … based on a number of flights.  With discounts often being offered for my RDU-PHL trip, earning rewards was very easy.

Now, they’ve changed the rewards program.  You earn points based on the amount you spent on the flight times some number that depends on the type of fare that you purchased.  Then, you can use rewards points to buy new flights.  It is no longer automatically sent to you.  In fact, it is so confusing Southwest actually send out an email now “Answer Guide Series” to help people understand their rewards program. better.  The only good thing about their new program is that the rewards do not expire.

I used to love Southwest because of the simplicity of their rewards program.  I felt that I could actually earn reward flights in reasonable amounts of time.  Now, they have just another airline rewards program designed to baffle the customer so they don’t use their rewards flights.  Boo!

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2 Responses to “Southwest Airlines”

  1. Laura Says:

    do they have blackout dates now too?

  2. bfasy Says:

    I don’t think they have any blackout dates now. But, you could wind up spending more points to get tickets near holidays because the cost in points is based on the cost of the ticket in dollars, and the wanna get away fares sell out quickly for holidays.

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