My knuckle turned red after one of the spines was stuck in my skin.

Aftermath of Washing a Kaktusfeige

Yesterday, I went to the Naschmarkt.  At the fruit stands, I kept seeing a colorful fruit, the Kaktusfeige=cactus fig.  It looked like a cactus, so I wondered if that was just in the name or it was the fruit of a cactus, so I decided to buy a basket.  When I got home, I washed them because one had been bruised in the transport and had leaked juices.  When doing this, one of my fingers started to hurt.  It turns out that it was a tiny cactus spine that had lodged itself into my skin on my knuckle.  When my other knuckle touched the one with the cactus spine in it, it hurt like a splinter or a bee sting.  So, I carefully removed the almost invisible spine from my skin.  The picture to the right shows my knuckle after this happened.  It’s a little red.  During this painful experience, I realized that Kaktusfeige is a prickly pear.  I’ve had the juices from the prickly pear before (in drinks) but never the fruit.

Kaktusfeige = Prickly Pear

The Kaktusfeige

I went back to my office and worked on updating my website as I was chatting with Amit online.  I told him about my purchase and he convinced me to taste it.  But first, I looked up how to eat a prickly pear.  I was entertained by the fact that steps one and explained how to pick a ripe Kaktusfeige from the cactus, and frightened by the fact that step 2 says to use thick leather gloves and step four said to use duck tape to remove any spines from your hands (and I had no duck tape at hand).  When discussing my concerns with Amit, he said “You are faced with the most interesting problems.”  This one, I suppose, is my own fault, as I bought a fruit with the name cactus in it.  How could I not expect it to be prickly?
Kaktusfeige Skinned

Results of Attempting to Peel the Prickly Pear

After washing the Kaktusfeige (which resulted in more spines in my hands), the next step was to peel the fruit.  I took out the peeler and realized that it was not sharp enough for the tough skin of this fruit.  So, I massacred the fruit with the vegetable peeler.  Then I cut the Kaktusfeige into cubes … or, cube-ish pieces, and took my first bite.  It was pretty good, but there were way too many seeds to enjoy it as a fruit.  Perhaps I will use my lemon juicer to extract the prickly pear juices and make myself a nice drink.
First Bite

First Bite

The Seeds

The Seeds


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5 Responses to “Kaktusfeige”

  1. Laura Says:

    you are supposed to use duct tape? really?

  2. bfasy Says:

    I got them out with my nails like you would do a splinter. But I guess duck tape would work too. I just don’t have any, nor do I know where to buy any in Austria.

  3. Paul Klingsberg Says:

    Das war bestimmt der Muehe nicht wert…

  4. Terese Fasy Says:

    Yea – what Paul says…

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