Job Market

I’m officially on the job market.  It seems funny, as I am still working on my dissertation, but it had to happen sometime.  I guess it gives me motivation to solve this seemingly impossible problem that I am currently working on.

As I said in a previous post, I started by updating my website and my CV.  That process took a little longer than I expected, but I needed to update it before emailing people.  So far, I have emailed one professor at CMU and found out that he does not have funding for a post-doc.  I’m sending an email to another professor at CMU soon.  I know one of his previous students (or, rather, Dave knows one of his previous students), so maybe I will have better luck with this professor.

I am looking for jobs in the Pittsburgh area, since Dave already has a job there.  I am looking for an interesting job somewhere in the Pittsburgh area, perhaps I’ll find a post-doc or a teaching position somewhere.  If you have any suggestions for where to apply, please let me know.

I also started looking for funding opportunities.  They seem to not be in favor for people in my position.  Since I will graduate in less than a year, I am not eligible for grad student fellowships, and since I do not yet have my PhD, I am not eligible for most post-doc -fellowships.  And, the fellowships that I can apply to require me to know who I will be working with and what I will be working on … if only I knew that!


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