Every day after lunch, we play a game of Tischfußball (table soccer).  Usually, there is a rush for the tables after our meals are complete.  Last week, IST Austria was a little empty, so the usual after-lunch rush to play Tischfußball did not happen.  And one day, I found myself facing Michael one-on-one.  Previously there was such a discrepancy between our skill-levels that he would play with one hand against me.  It was usually the left hand.  Moreover, he would win.  Last week, however, I allowed him to play with both hands.  And guess who won? ME!

So, in conclusion: I am now better at Tischfußball than Michael Kerber.



One Response to “Tischfußball”

  1. Dave! Says:

    Woohoo!! Congrats Brit!

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