Do YOU remember …

… the last time you saw me?

Since I am living in Austria, I don’t get to see my friends too often.  Something about an ocean between us makes that difficult … they claim.  Anyway,  Darrell Shady was trying to remember the last time he saw me.  He couldn’t quite remember, then he claimed:

Hm.  Oh, it was that night when I brought the breathalyzer to your house.
We went to a Durham place for a while before that.
It had benches.  Dave and I were late for some reason. It was a huge crowd.
I thought that night was the last time I saw you.  It was right before you left for Europe.  And I remember saying goodbye and whatnot.
And I didn’t see you over the summer.
Remember we showed up late and sat on the corner until our food came and people let us squeeze in?  Robby was there.  Mostly Dukies, though.
At the end, you were going to cash out at the bar, and a guy heard you tell me something like “You know I would never do it without you” or something, and he made a face.
But a bunch of people came to your apt. after that.
And we made fun of their breathalyzer scores.
There was also a blonde from Duke that I’d only met once before.
The first time was when we went to Bub’s and then Underground, and we were going to play strip pool, so we put on extra clothes.
She gave me a leather wristband.
I think at that second night Diana was there too.  She was the highest on the breathalyzer.
And your other Philly friend…
And there was a guy pretending to be a doctor, but you probably didn’t hear that.

After talking to Dave!, we realize that this happened in January or February, and I definitely saw Darrell at Dave!’s 30th birthday party in April.  Still, he insists:

I’m pretty confident that was the last time I saw you, but I have no idea when month it was.  But there was definitely Diana and the other girl who’s in Pharmacy.

Well, given the description, I am not too surprised that he forgot when this occurred.  I’m actually surprised that he remembers who I am.


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2 Responses to “Do YOU remember …”

  1. Laura Says:

    Mine was definitely Dave’s 30th birthday party 🙂

    xoxo Hope all is well,

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