Cryptic Message

Diana is currently gallivanting around Europe (literally), and will be arriving in Vienna soon.  The other day (when I was sick), I spoke with Diana on Skype.  I forget most of the conversation, other than she was on her way to Budapest and will arrive in Vienna in a few days.  We talked about going to the winery on Saturday, and thought maybe she will meet up with me in Krems.  The end of the conversation was we would talk later in the week (at least this is what I think happened.  My recollection of this conversation is really quite poor.)  Yesterday, I sent her several options for how we can meet up to go to the winery.  Today around 18:00, I received this email from Diana:

After receiving, this message I was confused.  Was she to arrive today or tomorrow?  9:40 am or pm?  I sent an email back, but she did not respond.  So, I started to discuss the email with Jersey Frank.  We decided that since she said “got a bit delayed” and there is a  bus from Budapest that was scheduled to arrive at the airport at 9:40 p.m., that she was on her way.  In addition, the email was sent at approximately the time the bus would depart Budapest. To play it on the safe side (and to take an opportunity to get out of Maria Gugging), I took my work into Vienna to wait to see if she arrived.

By 10:15 p.m., I realized our guess was mistaken.  So, I enjoyed a glass of Sturm at Cafe Drechsler (where I had been working for the past hour).   I was actually quite productive during my time traveling to/from Vienna, and during the time I was at the cafe.  And, I bought some Bagels for breakfast tomorrow! Oddly enough, I even saw someone I knew at the cafe.

Diana has since responded to my email to let me know that she will arrive on Sunday morning.  She must be enjoying those thermal baths too much.  So, all is well now.  I don’t feel like I lost a friend somewhere between Budapest and Vienna anymore.

And, I can’t wait for Diana and Lisa to arrive on Sunday!!!  It will be an extra special week for me, with both of them visiting!


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