Jazz in Austria?

Dave used his jazz magic to find Porgy & Bess, a jazz venue in Vienna.  Last week, Lisa, Diana, and I went to see the Monty Alaxender Quartet perform there.  We were actually joined by three people from IST Austria.  The venue was a small jazz club.  At the last minute, we switched our standing room tickets for (the last three) seated tickets.  We were, of course, in a corner of the club.  The minor annoyance was the two young lovers who decided to stand in front of Lisa and start making out.  We got rid of them at intermission though (maybe they found a room).

The concert was great, it was really neat to see how the musicians connected while playing.  I’ll be going there again.  Thanks for the good find, David!

Before the concert, we went to Magazin for dinner.  The food was traditional Austrian food, but it was done very well.  They had a large wine selection (they are also a wine shop), so I asked the waiter for a red suggestion from Austria.  He brought out a Blaufränkisch from Burgenland (By asking for a suggestion, he heard “bring me anything”).  It turned out to be quite nice, and not too expensive (18 Euros for the bottle).

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